An investment in public transit is a commitment to mobility and quality of life for the people of New York State. It is also a commitment to building a stronger economy, to reducing congestion and to improving the quality of air we breathe.

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NYPTA and its members actively support the advancement of public transportation through advocacy for investment in public transportation and promotion of legislation and policies that foster growth in accessibility.

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The Transit Training Institute is the first state-wide, not-for-profit, public transit training program in New York. Our program contains timely webinars, regional training opportunities, and a digital library of training materials, designed for transit managers, maintenance personnel, drivers, HR managers, IT staff, and other transit professionals.

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Tuesday Transit News is a weekly eNewsletter of information from New York transit systems. Delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning, Tuesday Transit News is a must-read for anyone with a passion for New York State's transportation infrastructure.

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Tuesday Transit News

Tuesday Transit News June 19, 2018
MARTA Exec to Speak on Diversity at NYPTA Conference

Tuesday Transit News June 12, 2018
TCAT Examines Potential of Improving Service to Lansing

Tuesday Transit News June 5, 2018
DOT Commissioner Karas Confirmed to Speak at NYPTA Conference

Tuesday Transit News May 29, 2018
CDTA's Watson Named to Capital Region's 40 Under 40