Write a Lawmaker

Help us make our case, write the Governor and your local lawmakers.

Writing the Governor's office, your local senator and members of assembly is easy. At the bottom of this page is an online tool to help write and send letters to lawmakers.  Simply follow the steps, and a letter will pre-populate. We encourage you to add to the letter by sharing your story about how you use public transportation, and/or why you support the positive impact public transit has on your community.


Sample Letter to Legislators

Dear Legislator:

I am writing to urge you to increase funding for New York’s public transit systems.  Without increased funding, our public transit system in __________ (your location) will not be able to provide the type and quality of service to meet the growing needs of their customers, improve mobility and grow our economy.

Our transit service provides access to jobs, healthcare, shopping, education and recreation.  It is essential to providing the connections people need everyday.  If our state government continues funding transit the same as it always has, transit service will shrink and customers will be left with fewer options to travel.

Our communities are changing, and transit systems must have the resources necessary to transform and meet the new and growing demands from riders and businesses.  Transit service needs to be more frequent, reach more destinations and be easier to use.  Public transit must grow so that our community can grow.

I know that funding transit is important in New York City, and it is also important in __________ (your location). We need your support to ensure my community and others across the state are not left behind.  

Please support increased funding for ALL of New York’s transit systems.

Thank you.