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Business Partner Membership

Millions of New Yorkers rely on public transit to get to work, school, and various commitments. They save money, support the environment, and become more connected with local residents. Many jobs are created and our economy benefits, too. Countless reasons prove public transportation makes our state a better place to live.

Thanks to the support of its business partners, NYPTA is able to continue its efforts in coalition-building and strengthening partnerships with traditional and non-traditional public transit stakeholders and set forth a well-communicated pro-transit message, consistently emphasizing the importance and value of public transportation.

All members of NYPTA receive regular updates on timely issues and events, free subscription to Tuesday Transit News, regular legislative updates, conference and seminar announcements, preferred rates at NYPTA conferences, annual trade show, seminars and general membership meetings, and direct access to our Association representatives in Albany. NYPTA’s web-based communications reach thousands of transit professionals, government officials, transit advocates and stakeholders.

Business partner members are an important part of NYPTA’s success. In addition to the membership benefits described above, Business Partner members receive significantly reduced exhibit rates at conferences, the opportunity to sponsor Association activities, advertising opportunities and two voting seats on NYPTA’s Board of Directors.

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