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Wally Nowinski got his first car when he turned 16 in Michigan, the home of the U.S. auto industry. But after two years of living in New York City, he sold his wheels, using ride services, carsharing and bike sharing to get around.


Rural riders of Greater Dayton RTA will soon be able to use a smartphone app for quicker access to RTA service.

RTA Connect, which rolls out June 4, is designed for those living in and near Germantown, Farmersville, and Miamisburg looking for an easier way to utilize RTA service, according to an RTA news release.

Using the ridesharing app, Lyft, riders can book trips at a discounted price to an RTA transfer point in downtown Miamisburg with established RTA bus routes.

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The emergence of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft seems to pose a direct challenge to the nation’s overburdened and underfunded transit agencies, potentially siphoning off patrons most able to pay full fare. Yet, amid competition, there exists a real opportunity for collaboration in providing mobility to the agencies’ neediest customers.


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