NYPTA Policy Director Bob Zerrillo researched the experiences of a number of transit systems across the country in working with TNCs and surveyed NYPTA members  on their thoughts. The attached white paper summarizes this research and the issues and opportunities facing transit systems, as well as  presents some principles and practices for NY transit systems to consider in dealing with TNCs. In addition, NYPTA staff have developed a PowerPoint presentation for transit authority use in discussing the white paper.

Uber  recently pledged to be  friendlier to its employees and its drivers. As of Tuesday, it plans to be friendlier to senior citizens, too.  The ride-hailing company launched a feature in more than 30 countries on Tuesday that lets users of the Uber app book a ride for someone other than themselves. Given that many people over the age of 65 either don’t use a smartphone or the Uber app, this feature lets their friends and loved ones book rides on their behalf.


Last August, Centennial started offering free Lyft rides to get more people to the Dry Creek light rail station. The idea was that by operating alongside those boring old Call-n-Rides, the city could reach three times as many people for the same cost.


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