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The Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation recently completed a "Westchester County Bee-Line System First and Last Mile Mobility Study."

The report reviews several examples of how TNCs have been used by other transit agencies and municipalities throughout the country to address first and last mile challenges, and discusses the issues to consider if such a partnership were to be implemented in Westchester County. Examples include:

  • Replacement of Under-Utilized Fixed Route Bus Service
  • First-Mile/Last-Mile Connections to Commuter Rail Stations and Bus Stops
  • Off Peak Jobs Access
  • Market Expansion through Micro-Transit
  • Technology Platforms
  • Paratransit

The report recommends that Westchester County initiate a pilot program which would include eliminating one or more of the least efficient routes in the Bee-Line System, or providing a new service that increases mobility where there is an unmet demand.

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