The Spokane Transit Authority could soon partner with a popular ride-sharing company Uber.

The STA told KREM 2 they are exploring the partnership as an option, though there is a lot of work that has to be done before something like that could take form.

“We know that these are popular private sector companies that make transportation convenient so we want to make sure that if there is an opportunity for us to be a part of it, we can be,” explained Brandon Rapez-Betty, the senior communications specialist for STA.

The program they are considering is called the “First and Last Mile.” It is for people who would use transit if it were not for the distance to get to the nearest stop or from that stop to work.

“So it’s too far to walk, don’t want to take a bike, so it’s easy to just get in your car,” explained Rapez-Betty. “But if there was a way for it to be affordable that is the kind of programs they are looking at.

There are a few public transit jurisdictions that have given a partnership like this the green light on the other side of the state, and Rapez-Betty said they are keeping their eyes open for an opportunity to start up in Spokane.

“We have had an initial conversation with them to open the lines of communication but we not have identified any pilot programs just yet,” he said.

Officials told KREM 2 that these types of programs are so new to the market that they will need to track more developments from other pilot programs before meeting again.