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COVID-19 Impact on Transit

  • The State faces a catastrophic multi-billion-dollar budget deficit that will grow without federal relief.
  • The MTA exhausted their $3.9 billion in CARES funding in July 2020 and has a $12 billion immediate need for federal funding through the end of 2021 alone.
  • CARES Act funding provided immediate relief to non-MTA transit systems and should sustain large systems either through the end of 2020 or early 2021; and most smaller systems through mid-2021.
  • Transit anticipates continued STOA reductions in 2021.
  • Ridership and revenue are down as people continue to work from home, and students either opt for virtual learning or caregivers drive children to school.
  • While transit has seen relief from the CARES Act, the disruption and lack of sustained investment has resulted in delayed capital programs and delayed purchasing for many transit agencies.

Transit’s Response

  • Transit’s response to the pandemic was critical to meeting community-wide needs, and transit stands ready to continue its support:
  • Rider and employee safety are a priority.
  • The public transit industry understands the state’s financial situation.
  • The New York State public transit industry supports the state’s and the MTA’s positions on the need for essential federal funding.
  • The New York State transit industry is essential to New York State’s economic recovery.
  • Federal and state support for MTA and all transit systems is essential to national and state economic recovery.
  • Keeping capital programs alive is an essential investment in New York State’s public transit infrastructure and will result in substantial economic stimulus.
  • Funding will maintain and create jobs and impact billions of dollars in spending on buses, rail cars, and other transit infrastructure.
  • As the state continues to navigate the pandemic, communities can continue to rely on transit for mobility and to support community needs.

What All Transit Systems Need to Do Next

  • NYPTA will communicate the dual message to Washington decision-makers of:

a. The importance of transit to communities 
b. The need for additional transit funding in any future federal relief package

  • We need each transit system to also outreach to their federal and state representatives on the importance of transit to your community and the need for funding to maintain services to essential workers.

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