Class of 2018

Stephanie Belokopitsky, HR Manager, CDTA
Michele Craig, Director of Transportation Administration, Broome County
Christine Farrow, Manager, EEO/Diversity Development, NFTA
Josh Gardner, Senior CAD/AVL System & Operations Systems Analyst, Centro
Lea Goodness, Manager of Maintenance Systems, RTS
Sharon Muir-Eddy, Manager of Operating Budget, RTS
Mike Williams, Senior Planner, CDTA
Doug Teator, Project Manager, Creighton Manning
Daniel Thorp, Transit Supervisor, Broome County

Previous Graduates

Jason Abounder, Finance Manager, NFTA, 2016
Omar Alvarado, Senior VP, NICE Bus, 2015
Gary Bennett, Sr. Transportation Planner, NFTA, 2017
Ken Boasi, Director of Scheduling, RTS, 2016
Patricia Cooper, Comptroller, CDTA, 2017
Alice Eccleston, Acting General Manager, TCAT, 2016
Gary Guy, BRT Operations Manager, CDTA, 2016
Carol Hargrove, Assistant Superintendent, UCAT, 2016
Geoff Hoff, Project Manager, Centro, 2017
Dan Holdsworth, Budget Analyst, CDTA, 2017
Larry Kaminski, Mobility Management Planner, Allegany/Western Steuben Rural Health Network, 2015
Joseph Landy, Assistant Superintendent, CDTA, 2015
James Morrell, Service Manager, NFTA, 2015
Megan Morsch, VP, Marketing & Customer Service, RTS, 2017
Richard Nasso Jr., Assistant Superintendent, CDTA, 2015
James Ramos, Operations Manager, RTS, 2015
Susan Sherwood, Associate Principal, Wendel, 2017
Julie Tolar, Director of Planning, RTS, 2017
Chris Tuff, Senior Transportation Analyst, Centro, 2017
Michele Westphal, Resource Assistant, CARTS, 2016
Dave Williams, Operations Manager, RGRTA, 2016


Key Supporters