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ALBANY, NY (01/19/2012) - The New York Public Transit Association (NYPTA) expressed its strong support for the Governor's Executive Budget.

"Investing in our infrastructure has positive results in the best and most challenging times," said Carm Basile, President of the New York Public Transit Association. "The Governor's commitment to public transportation will have an impact on communities around the State and support the State's continued work on economic revitalization."

An early review of the Executive Budget shows an increase in state operating assistance of 5.22% overall. Funding for downstate systems would increase 7.65%, 6.95% for upstate systems, and 5% for the MTA.

"National studies have shown for years how investment in public transportation yields economic growth, in other words – jobs. As the Governor looks to make decisions to spur the economy and support the state in these economic times, we are especially grateful for his investment in and support of public transportation," said Basile.

NYPTA Legislative Chairman, Hilary Ring, cited the American Public Transportation Association's report, Public Transportation: Moving America Forward, as a valuable resource for demonstrating public transit's economic impact. According to the study, for every $1 invested in transit, we see $4 in economic activity.

"Transit is unique in that it has both a vital economic and social impact. Keeping people mobile by taking them to work and other places in our communities generates economic activity, jobs, independent living and sustainability. It's a wise investment," Ring added.

About NYPTA: The New York Public Transit Association, Inc. (NYPTA) is a not-for-profit association representing more than 40 transit systems across New York State including the MTA, one of the largest public transportation systems in the nation, the four upstate authorities, and the transportation systems that serve rural upstate New York communities. In addition, NYPTA is comprised of more than 90 private sector manufacturers, consultants and state government agencies. Members provide nearly all of the public transportation services in New York State, nearly 40 percent of the public transportation services in the nation, and employ more than 60,000 New Yorkers.


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