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Comptroller's Report Shows Surge in State Revenues

ALBANY, NY (06/22/2015) - The New York Public Transit Association (NYPTA) urges state leaders to fund transportation infrastructure before closing the legislative session. The revenue report issued by State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli on June 19, describes a surge in state revenues in the first two month of the fiscal year, especially in personal income tax receipts. The Comptroller also cites that over $1.5 billion in additional bank settlements has flowed into the state that has not been appropriated in the budget. These funds should be used now to fund transportation infrastructure across the state and create jobs.

"The Comptroller's report released Friday shows that there are additional, unexpected revenues flowing into the state that can fund increased infrastructure investment without detracting from existing programs. This means that the state can afford more funding for transportation such as the recent bills introduced by Senator John DeFrancisco and Assemblyman Jim Brennan," said NYPTA President Carm Basile. "We urge the Governor and Legislature to reach a solution on funding the critical capital needs of the MTA and transit systems across the state so they can continue to support economic growth."

After passage of the 2015-16 state budget, the MTA 5-year capital program still has a $14 billion funding gap to meet the needs to repair and upgrade the transit system. Similarly, the rest of the state's upstate and downstate transit systems require $500 million over the next 5 years to replace buses and make other infrastructure improvements.

The New York Public Transit Association is a not-for-profit association representing more than 40 transit systems across the New York State including the MTA, the largest public transportation system in the nation, the four upstate regional transportation authorities, downstate suburban county bus systems, and transit systems that serve upstate rural communities.

 NYPTA Covid-19 Recovery and Restoration Task Force Report TaskForceCover

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted countries around the world and communities throughout our state and nation. Identification of the virus in New York State in early March, and the resulting stay at home orders and business closings, had an immediate and significant impact on New York’s transit systems.

In late April NYPTA created a task force to quickly develop principles, guidelines and best practices to help guide the recovery and restoration of transit service as the economy reopens. The task force was composed of representatives from various sizes and types of transit systems across New York State. Three groups were created to identify the issues and assemble the actions:

- Service planning

- Transit operations

- Small city and rural transit

The result of the task force was a report that presents the near-term principles and guidelines identified by these experts that can inform and assist transit managers and staff over the next several months on topics ranging from planning service levels to restarting fare collection to cleaning and disinfecting vehicles.



Department of Health Covid-19 Reopening Resources for Transit

Reopening New York Public Transportation Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all public transportation activities statewide. See “Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Public Transportation” for full details.

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, all owners/operators of public transportation services and riders should stay up to date with any changes to state and federal requirements related to public transportation entities and incorporate those changes into their operations. This guidance is not intended to replace any existing applicable local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and standards.


Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Public Transportation

This Interim Guidance for Public Transportation Activities during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency  was created to provide owners/operators of public transportation and their employees, contractors, and Riders with precautions to help protect against the spread of COVID-19.


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NYPTA and its members actively support the advancement of public transportation through advocacy for investment in public transportation and promotion of legislation and policies that foster growth in accessibility.

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The Transit Training Institute is the first state-wide, not-for-profit, public transit training program in New York. Our program contains timely webinars, regional training opportunities, and a digital library of training materials, designed for transit managers, maintenance personnel, drivers, HR managers, IT staff, and other transit professionals.

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