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New York benefits from the more than 100 transit systems that provide mobility in communities across New York State. This mobility supports state and local economies by connecting people to jobs, health care, education, shopping and entertainment. Use of public transit is at an all-time high, and our communities want more travel options. Transit systems employ thousands of New Yorkers and purchase equipment and supplies from hundreds of New York businesses, creating and sustaining jobs. Transit is a critical component of the engine that drives New York's growth.

NYPTA and its members actively support the advancement of public transportation in New York State and the US through advocacy for state and federal investment in public transportation and promotion of legislation and policies that foster growth in accessibility.

NYPTA's strong advocacy program provides members with direct contact and networking with key New York State decision-makers in the NYS Executive Chamber, in both houses of the NYS Legislature, and at NYSDOT and other key departments and commissions. We have established strong and effective working relationships with state budget officials and key legislative fiscal staff that allow us to provide NYPTA members with timely and detailed information on important issues.

A major event in our annual advocacy program is our Transit Awareness Day, when hundreds of supporters from around the state gather at the NYS Capitol to celebrate and promote investment in public transit.

For more information on NYPTA legislative and policy initiatives, contact NYPTA Policy Director Bob Zerrillo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click here for the latest in NYPTA Position Papers and Public Policy Updates.

NYPTA Legislative and Policy Accomplishments

  • As a result of NYPTA's advocacy efforts, there have been annual increases in State operating assistance to transit systems statewide, which has allowed systems to limit fares and maintain essential services.
  • NYPTA has prepared reports on the structural issue with upstate transit funding, capital needs of transit systems other than the MTA, examples of demands for expanded transit services, and most recently, a white paper on issues and opportunities with Transportation Network Companies.
  • NYPTA advocacy efforts resulted in enactment of a $415 million, 5-year transit capital program for transit systems other than the MTA, the largest capital program ever, and improved predictability in distribution of funding.
  • Transit ridership is at near record levels across the state and this is directly related to the fare and service stability resulting from state operating and capital investment championed by NYPTA.

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