NACTO Transit Street Design Guide Training


The Transit Street Design Guide Training develops a strong rationale that cities cannot grow sustainably and equitably without a robust and efficient transit system, and that the most cost-effective way to integrate transit into the urban infrastructure is through on-street design interventions at all scales. The Training covers core themes, technical street and intersection design guidance, in-depth discussion of transit stations and stops, and illustrations of how design strategies cohere into effective and inviting transit streets.

The first half of the day provides an overview of the principles and case-making elements for designing streets for transit, and then dives deep into the NACTO Transit Street Design Guide. The training dives into contextual guidance, technical design details, and performance measures, drawn from the Guide and supported by case studies from NACTO member cities and their transit agencies.

During the second half of the day, participants apply the lessons learned in the morning to a hands-on design charrette. Attendees are broken into groups and encouraged to directly apply the toolkit in the Guide to a specific corridor or street section. They may be assigned roles within their groups by mode (e.g. transit operations, typical cross-sections, pedestrian & bicycle interactions), and may be assigned specific locations within a larger study area.

The registration fee is $69 and includes continental breakfast, lunch and a copy of the NACTO Transit Street Design Guide.

This training is being held in conjunction with the NYPTA Fall Conference an Expo at the Albany Marriott, 189 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12205. Registrants do NOT have to register for the entire conference in order to attend this training.

Sponsored by the Capital District Transportation Committee

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