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The New York Public Transit Association, Inc. (NYPTA) is a not-for-profit association of public transportation service providers,  private sector manufacturers and consultants, and state and government agencies. NYPTA consists of more than 120 members,  including public transit systems located throughout the state which collectively provide more than two billion transit rides on  bus and rail annually. Total passenger miles statewide equal nearly a half billion. Association members consist of upstate and  downstate systems in rural, suburban, city and large metropolitan localities.


The Association offers regional training, conferences, webinars  and management courses. Many of our programs are provided  in collaboration with the NYS Department of Transportation,  FTA Region II and other state and national organizations. NYPTA  encourages professional development through peer interaction  and shared knowledge and experience. Members participate in  a number of special interest groups where they work together  to address immediate and longer term opportunities and  challenges.


NYPTA serves as a clearinghouse of information. All members  of NYPTA receive regular updates on timely issues and events,  free subscription to Tuesday Transit News, regular legislative  updates, conference and seminar announcements, preferred  rates at NYPTA conferences, annual trade show, seminars  and general membership meetings, and direct access to our  Association representatives in Albany. NYPTA’s web-based  communications reach thousands of transit professionals,  government officials, transit advocates and stakeholders.



NYPTA formulates and implements affirmative and defensive  legislative strategies in the State Capitol, on behalf of its  members. The Association’s government relations efforts  include daily monitoring of state legislation, rules and  regulations that may impact the public transit industry, hosting  an annual Transit Awareness Day, and active lobbying by  registered professionals to inform legislators and policymakers  of the needs of public transit systems. Year after year, the  Association works to educate public officials about public  transit’s role as a critical element of New York’s economic  infrastructure. These government relations initiatives ensure  the continued commitment of state and federal funds to  operate, maintain and invest in capital improvements of new  and existing transit systems, and promote safe, environmentally  sound and efficient public transportation throughout the state.


Business partner members are an important part of NYPTA’s  success. In addition to the membership benefits described  above, Business Partner members receive significantly reduced  exhibit rates at conferences, the opportunity to sponsor  Association activities, advertising opportunities and two voting  seats on NYPTA’s Board of Directors.


The Public Transit Leadership training program  is a two-year-long  program for mid- to senior-level managers aspiring to  serve in an executive leadership role. The curriculum, under  the instruction and mentoring of experienced NYPTA  and transit industry executives, provides enhanced opportunities  for professional development and career advancement in the  transit industry.


Regular Membership (Transit Property dues are based on operating budget)
Operating Budget    Dues
Over $1 billion (A) - $47,500
Under $1 billion (B) - $22,500
Under $200 million (C) - $18,500
Under $150 million (D) - $15,500
Under $110 million (E) - $12,500
Under $80 million (F) - $10,500
Under $60 million (G) - $7,500
Under $45 million (H) - $6,000
Under $35 million (I) - $5,000
Under $25 million (J) - $4,000
Under $15 million (K) - $2,500
Under $10 million (L) - $1,950
Under $5 million (M) - $1,450
Under $2 million (N) - $350

Business Partner Membership (Transit Industry Company)
Affiliate Membership (Private Bus Company)
Associate & Mobility Manager Membership (Organization)
Transit Industry Partner Membership (Individual)

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