MAY 21, 2013


Late last week President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum calling for the immediate modernization of review and permitting policies and processes for infrastructure improvements that Transportation Secretary LaHood says should speed up the start of job-creating construction projects by several months.  Read LaHood’s blog post on the subject here.


A state panel looking at possible ways to fund mass transit improvements in Rockland and Westchester counties is finding its choices will be difficult ones.  They have about a dozen options to weigh, all of which have pros and cons.  Read more at

Traffic into New York city is likely to be significantly heavier than normal after last week’s derailment, while the over 30,000 regular Metro North commuters who regularly take the Connecticut line turn to shuttles and car pools to get to work. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says they should plan for a week of delays.  Read more at


Port Authority is looking for a deputy director of rail transit (PATH)Click here to see the job description. To learn more or apply visit and click on “Learn More” under the section titled “Positions at the PA.”


National Transit Institute is presenting "Implementing Rural Transit Technology" in Ithaca June 26-27. Read about it on NYPTA’s LinkedIn page, and “Follow” NYPTA while you’re there!

The Museum of the City of New York recently uploaded an incredible cache of over 2,000 photos of New York’s public transit system circa early 1900s.  Link to the photos via NYPTA’s Facebook page, and be sure to “Like” us to keep our posts coming to your feed.



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