MARCH 19, 2013

Despite Sandy, National Increases in Transit Beat Out Driving in 2012
Across the nation, transit ridership was at its highest levels since 1957 according to information "Public transit ridership grew in all areas of the country in small, medium and large communities, with at least 16 public transit systems reporting record ridership."
-APTA President and CEO Michael Melaniphy
compiled by the American Public Transportation Association. Overall, ridership increased by 1.5% over 2011, and light rail and paratransit both saw increases above 4%.
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NYC Subways See Highest Ridership Since the Truman Administration
New York City’s subway system is mirroring the national ridership trends, with 2011 ticking off the systems highest numbers since the 1940s. According to Mitchell Moss, director of New York University's Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management, riders under 30 years of age are most responsible for the increase. He says the age group is using public transit for not only getting to work, but for keeping up with their social calendars, as well. Read more.

Lawmakers Decrying Negative Impact of Federal Budget Cuts on Surface Transit
Lawmakers in Washington DC are voicing concern over the effects of sequestration, with the Highway Trust Fund expected to have a $0 balance by the end of MAP-21 and the possible need to break agreements for New Starts and other capital projects.  Some have expressed concern that the cuts could affect rider safety if they lead to deferred maintenance. Read more.

UTA's Board Chair, Greg Hughes, Discusses Board Leadership
Doug Eadie and Company, a CEO and board leadership consulting firm, recently posted on their website a brief interview with Utah Transportation Authority Board Chair Greg Hughes.  In the video, Hughes provides some insight on the benefits of setting goals and priorities and discusses what he feels the Authority has accomplished during the first year of his leadership. View it here.


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