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Greater Glens Falls Transit Keeps Service Lean, Efficient and Affordable (editorial)
It would be great to be able to walk a couple of blocks to a bus stop from anywhere in the neighborhoods of Glens Falls, Queensbury, South Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, Fort Edward and Moreau and within 5 minutes, jump on a bus that would take you downtown or to the mall or your workplace. Using mass transit would be easier on our wallets than owning and maintaining second and third cars, would pollute less and would encourage the sort of public interaction with fellow riders vanishing from our lives.

RTA Wants to Spend $2.5 Million on Crime-Deterring Cameras
RTA believes it can deter crime -- and create a safer riding experience -- by spending $2.5 million on cameras for buses and trains. General Manager (and former NYPTA President) Joe Calabrese rolled out a plan to install cameras on 230 buses and to upgrade existing video systems on 96 buses and trains. All the work would be done in 15 months. The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority is among systems nationwide opting for cameras as a way to protect workers and riders and defend against liability claims.

So God Created Transit: Response to Dodge Ram's Super Bowl Ad
Hey, so you also shed a tear or two for the Dodge Ram "So God Made a Farmer" Super Bowl commercial before you realized it was about trucks. Because really, what does Dodge have to do with the noble, heart-warming, bittersweet story of farmers anyway? It’s a speech conservative radio personality Paul Harvey gave in 1978, and you can be pretty sure he wasn’t thinking of the two-ton Dodge Ram. Well, Diana Lind, editor of Next City, also felt manipulated by Dodge’s unabashed attempt to steal some of the honor Harvey bestows on farmers. She objected to the way the commercial “conflated the merits of people with those of cars.”

Public Transportation Industry Supports Doubling U.S. Energy Productivity by 2030
The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) announced it is pleased to support the Alliance to Save Energy’s Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy’s goal of doubling U.S. energy productivity by 2030. Recommendations to reach that goal were unveiled today in a report called Energy 2030: Doubling U.S. Energy Productivity at a Washington, DC press conference.  The report highlighted that investing $79 billion in more productive transportation systems, including public transportation, would allow the United States to save $218 billion in energy costs by 2030, for a net savings of $139 billion.

LEND YOUR VOICE! Join us March 4-5 for the Invest in Transit: Keep New York Moving! Transit Awareness Day program. The two-day event includes an Invest in Transit rally, meetings with lawmakers, a legislative reception and industry displays. The program will take place in The Well of the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Albany. Lend your voice. Register today!

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