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Tuesday,  July 31, 2018

NYS Transit Industry News

Meet the MTA’s New Accessibility Chief 


For the first time ever, New York City Transit has a dedicated accessibility chief. Say hello to the MTA’s new accessibility chief: Alex Elegudin.

Elegudin, a longtime accessibility advocate, serves as MTA NYC Transit’s innaugural Senior Advisor for Systemwide Accessibility, an executive-level position reporting directly to President Andy Byford. He’s in charge of improving accessibility for subway and bus riders and Access-A-Ride service as part of the MTA’s $19 billion Fast Forward Plan. 


PTLI Class Visits Mother Clara Hale Bus Depot 

PTLI Class of 2018

Our 2018 Public Transit Leadership Institute (PTLI) class had the opportunity to visit the MTA's Mother Clara Hale Bus Depot in New York City on Thursday, July 19. 

Originally a trolley barn, the location has been home to a bus depot since 1939. After two modifications, the aging depot was replaced in 2015 to support the city’s transition to ultra-low emission buses. The new 390,000-square-foot Mother Clara Hale Bus Depot features low-emission boilers, solar air heating, heat-recovery air handling units, natural lighting, rainwater recycling and a green roof. It consists of three floors, a mezzanine and has the capacity for 150 buses.

NYPTA sincerely thanks the MTA for its hospitality, especially our hosts, John Troisi and Bruce Lewis, and Tim Ellis and Maureen Pasquini for their assistance in organizing the trip.

State Government Affairs

NYSDOT Highlights the Importance of
Work Zone Safety in the Southern Tier

The New York State Department of Transportation recently highlighted the importance of driving safely in road and bridge construction work zones at a press conference at the Southern Tier Welcome Center in Broome County. Twenty-one crashes caused by distracted driving in work zones already have been reported across the State during the current construction season. In 2017, NYSDOT reported 660 crashes in construction work zones on state roads and bridges, resulting in 10 fatalities and 160 injuries. In addition to crashes, there has been an alarming increase in altercations initiated by motorists against NYSDOT staff. State agencies are working together and redoubling their efforts against offenders while raising awareness of this highly important public safety issue.


Federal Developments

Chairman Shuster Releases Infrastructure Package Draft Discussion Bill

Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, released a draft of a long-awaited infrastructure plan on Monday that addresses possible funding sources for a number of potential projects, and levies taxes on multiple fuel sources.

The bill calls for significant federal investment in infrastructure projects and grant programs through at least 2021. It includes billions of dollars in grant funding, as well as trillions in appropriations for projects of national significance, though the numbers — along with the rest of the proposal — are subject to change.

To provide at least partial funding, the draft calls for a 15-cent-per-gallon tax on gasoline and a 20-cent-per-gallon tax on diesel. The increases would be phased in over a 3-year period. At that point, the fees would be indexed to inflation before they are ultimately eliminated in September 2028. 

Around the Country

Tennessee Transit Authority Now Provides Free Rides for Active and Retired Military

After expanding routes last year and offering affordable rides to teenagers this summer, the Franklin, TN, Transit Authority has unveiled their newest effort to continue moving the community forward.

Beginning Monday, retired, reserve and active military personnel are eligible to ride the Franklin Transit Fixed Routes for free.

“We are thrilled to offer this free service to our military citizens to honor their service to protecting our freedom,” Dale Thomas, Franklin Transit Authority chairman, said in a press release announcing the new policy. “It is our hope this free service will enhance the accessibility, connectivity, and community engagement in Franklin for our American heroes.”


Electric Scooters Growing at ‘Unprecedented Pace,’
Finds New Transit Survey

As dockless electric scooters enter more and more U.S. cities, these new modes of urban transit continue to outrun the ability of cities to study and regulate them.

A team of MIT and University of California at Berkeley scholars at the San Francisco-based transportation data and analytics company Populus has started to fill in the gaps with a new report assessing user attitudes around the new services.

A new nationwide survey, “The Micromobility Revolution: The Introduction and Adoption of Electric Scooters in the United States,” found widespread support for the dockless electric scooters — 70 percent of respondents like these new services — and evidence this new form of transportation can address transit equity issues.



Marketing: The Force That Grows Ridership 


Gary Marmer, President of ForceTen Marketing, will present on the multitude of forces that constrain efforts to grow ridership. In order to increase ridership, transit organizations must deploy marketing content that compels potential new riders to choose your public transit solution as the best commuting choice. This session will teach participants how to create and present compelling content for outdoor, digital and other media platforms to result in significant increases in ridership and marketing ROI.

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity for transit leaders, maintenance directors, mobility managers and anyone with a passion for public transit. 

Register here today and see what the 2018 Public Transit and The Mobility Movement Conference can offer you.!


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