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Tuesday,  May 22, 2018

NYS Transit Industry News

Reddy Bikeshare Expands to NFTA-Metro's
LaSalle Rail Station 

On a glorious sunny morning in Buffalo, Reddy Bikeshare, in conjunction with Independent Health, unveiled its newest bike hub that is located right outside of NFTA Metro's LaSalle Rail Station and at the Southern Terminus of the region's first urban rail trail.

Reddy Bikeshare is a Buffalo-based non profit organization that works with other organizations to advance innovative transportation services that focus on shared mobility.  Using cutting-edge technology and best practices, shared mobility systems serve smaller and sometimes more challenging markets.  In these areas, having easy bike availability is often a great option for public transit users and individuals looking for other alternative and clean-air options of travel.  


NYSDOT Offers BAITFISH Training 

The NYSDOT’s Public Transportation Safety Board (PTSB) is pleased to announce  a training class in the B.A.I.T.F.I.S.H. program, Bus Accident Management and Investigation, Accident Preventability and Hazard Assessment and Mitigation offered by the Public Transportation Safety Board in conjunction with industry peers from June 26-28 in Dutchess County. Seating is extremely limited for this session. The intent of this program is to facilitate with the PTSB’s Rules and Regulations Part 990.12 requiring the completion of a comprehensive accident investigation course. These classes provide training assistance to all bus systems throughout NYS who may not have the staffing or financial resources to obtain this training out of state or by private providers.

Preference will be given to those properties who receive Statewide Mass Transportation Operating Assistance (STOA), however, if all seats have not been taken, the remainder will be filled on first come first served basis to interested parties.

Company management is responsible for selecting the appropriate individual to attend. This is usually a supervisor, dispatcher or any company representative who will be responsible for responding to accidents. The class schedule will generally run from 8am to 5pm. Class one will include such topics as: interviewing skills, photography, data collection, skid tests, measuring and analysis, and basic speed formulas. Class two involves the determination of the preventability of accidents, and class three educates the student in hazard assessment and incident/crash mitigation.

To apply, you must e-mail this application form to Applicants will be notified directly if they are accepted to the class. There is no charge for enrollment. Participants are responsible for their own lunch, travel costs and lodging, if necessary. A certificate will be issued after successfully passing tests that will be given at the completion of each module. This course is RTAP funding eligible.


State Government Affairs

Governor Cuomo Announces $100 Million Available to Fund Clean Air and Alternative Transportation Projects

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo last week announced the availability of $100 million in transportation funding to support and enhance community growth and revitalize downtowns. Funding will support a range of projects, including the construction of pedestrian and bicycle facilities, recreational trails, and safe routes to schools, to community improvements such as historic preservation and projects that reduce congestion and gas emissions.

"New York continues to build stronger, safer, and cleaner communities by investing in projects that promote thriving downtowns," Governor Cuomo said. "By securing this federal funding and making it available to our local communities, we can help ensure that New York will continue to attract businesses, generate new jobs and encourage economic activity while helping meet our goal of a cleaner, greener and safer Empire State for all."

Federal Developments

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Hits a Dead End

President Trump's legislative framework for a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s infrastructure appears all but dead in Congress.

Lawmakers are focused on other legislative matters, and Democrats say the latest “infrastructure week” that started Sunday has done little to reinvigorate the president’s plan.

“The infrastructure week’s been overtaken by the latest tweet,” quipped Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.), a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “There’s just no energy left in it.”


Around the Country

Proterra Sells Electric Buses to Washington, DC
Public Transit System

Electric buses from California-based Proterra are beginning to appear in the nation's capital.

The Washington, DC, Circulator transit district, which serves mainly tourists visiting Smithsonian Institution museums and other sites, bought 14 of the Proterra buses and began rolling them out earlier this month. No exact price was given, but such vehicles range from $700,000 to $900,000 each.

Proterra, based in Burlingame in Northern California, turns out vehicles at a plant in the City of Industry and in Greenville, SC, where the DC buses were built.

Ryan Popple, Proterra's chief executive, said in a prepared statement that "Washington DC is the perfect place to show citizens from across the country and the world that our technology not only reduces emissions, but also fundamentally improves the rider experience."


When’s That Next Bus Arriving? Text Message from Torrance Transit Will Now Tell You Instantly

Frustrating waits at Torrance Transit stops for passengers anxiously wondering when the next bus will arrive will soon be a thing of the past.

Torrance Transit will install 800 bright green signs by summer’s end that allows the 4 million passengers it serves annually to use their cellular telephones to text a code printed on a bus stop and instantly receive information on when the next bus will arrive at that location.

About 500 have already been erected.

It’s a similar, but technologically simpler method of providing real-time bus arrival information than via a website and mobile app called Transit. Launched in April 2017, the app has been downloaded more than 1,500 times with over 15,000 views.


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