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Tuesday,  April 24, 2018

NYS Transit Industry News

Mobility Innovation Summit: A Cutting Edge Future for Smaller Cities and Rural Communities 

A Summit on Mobility Innovation will be held in Rochester May 16 and 17. Presented by Shared Mobility Inc. / Volunteer Transportation Center / City Of Rochester, the Summit will include the latest developments in the shared mobility realm including innovations in transit service, carsharing, electric vehicles, bikesharing, volunteer transportation networks, vanpooling programs and more.


BAE Systems Sponsors Bus-Themed Community Literacy Program

A BAE Systems hybrid-electric transit bus delighted local kids when it made an appearance at the 38th Annual Children's Fair at SUNY Broome on Saturday, April 14. The bus was there as part of a collaboration between BAE Systems, SUNY Broome and the Literacy Legacy Project to introduce a literacy program to give every pre-k student a book to engage and interact with in a meaningful way. All children enrolled in pre-k in Broome County received a copy of the book, The Bus for Us by local author Suzanne Bloom with an invitation to the 38th Annual Children's Fair, themed "things that go, the bus extravaganza" to highlight this program. BAE Systems’ Power and Propulsion Solutions Vice President and General Manager Steve Trichka gave a short statement as County Executive Jason Garner opened the event during a brief press fair, which took place in front of the BAE Systems bus. Characters from the book then took children through live walk-throughs of the story, which featured several other vehicles. 

State Government Affairs

Cuomo Shows Off Newest MTA Tech: A Magnetic Joint-Cleaning Wand

There's no magic wand to make subway delays disappear, but perhaps riders will settle for a magnetic one.

On the latest stop of his Subway Action Plan tour, Governor Cuomo on Thursday showed off the latest delay-prevention technology, a magnetic wand that can pull metal dust from insulated joints on the track. Dirty joints can break electric track circuits, causing signals' fail-safe systems to kick in and turn them red.

Cuomo tested the wand at the Ninth Ave. D train station in Brooklyn while a crew replaced a joint.

Federal Developments

House Republicans Push Mulvaney, Trump to Rescind Gateway Funds

A group of House Republicans is urging White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney to rescind funding in last month's omnibus spending package that could go toward a multibillion-dollar rail project in the New York metro region.

In a Thursday letter, 27 GOP members of the House ask the Office of Management and Budget director to press President Trump to withhold the funds for the Gateway Program, a series of projects valued at $30 billion that includes restoring the Hudson River’s North River Tunnel. 



Around the Country

The E-Scooter Revolution is Coming to
Sidewalks in the Bay Area

When Harman Ghotra woke up late, dashed out the door and realized he had four minutes to get across campus to deliver a paper to his statistics professor, the calculations started spinning through his mind. Walk to class: Eight minutes. Run? Too much trouble.

Then there it was, parked at the intersection of 4th Street and San Fernando, an electric scooter, the latest craze in urban transportation that is suddenly multiplying around Bay Area downtowns.

"I was running late," said the 21-year-old computer engineering student, "so why not?"

Americans Took 10.1 Billion Trips on
Public Transportation in 2017

Americans took 10.1 billion trips on public transportation in 2017, according to a report released by the American Public Transportation Association. Commuter rail and light rail ridership remained steady, with many public transit systems showing increases. Compared to public transit ridership in 2016, there was a 2.9 percent decrease in ridership as bus ridership declined by 4.3 percent.  

“While we are in a time of great change, in part due to technological innovations, public transit remains a critical part of any community’s transportation network,” said APTA President and CEO Paul P. Skoutelas. “Public transportation organizations are revamping their services and experimenting with pilot projects to be more time and cost competitive, and more customer focused to meet the needs of today’s riders and the growing population.” 

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