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Tuesday,  January 2, 2018

NYS Transit Industry News

National Study Ranks NFTA Among Top 25 Agencies In Connecting Workers With Jobs

Research from the Accessibility Observatory at the University of Minnesota recently ranked the top metropolitan areas in the country for connecting workers with jobs by transportation authorities. The annual rankings are determined by a weighted average of accessibility, giving a higher weight to closer, easier-to-access jobs.

Buffalo ranked higher than larger cities like Atlanta, Detroit, and Cleveland. The top city was New York, followed by San Francisco, and Chicago. 


Three Weeks Until Transit Awareness Day!

Join us Tuesday, January 23, 2018 for Transit Awareness Day. This pro-transit event includes a Public Transportation Rally, meetings with lawmakers, and public transit displays in The Well of the Legislative Office Building (LOB). NYPTA is pleased to once again bring the transit community together in support of a unified message on the importance of a strong state investment in public transportation.

We have reserved a block of rooms for Monday, January 22 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Albany. Space is limited, and our block is filling up quickly, so please make your reservations now.

This year's program will build on last year's success and drive home the message that public transportation is vital to New York communities and a driving force of New York state' economy. All NYPTA members are encouraged to attend. Business partners, with a special emphasis on New York state-based companies, are asked to participate and specifically share information about the economic impact their companies have on New York state's economic success. 

Register for Transit Awareness Day today! 

State Government Affairs

Governor Cuomo Announces $34 Million Investment to Modernize, Expand, Rebrand Stewart International Airport

On Saturday, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo unveiled the 17th proposal of the 2018 State of the State: Invest $34 million to modernize and expand Stewart International Airport in Orange County. The Governor is calling on the Port Authority to approve the investment, which would increase access to world-class destinations and attractions throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley by supporting the construction of a permanent U.S. Customs and Border Protection federal inspection station. The new FIS will allow the airport to handle both domestic and international flights, while providing an improved passenger experience for all travelers. Additionally, aspart of this modernization effort and to improve its name recognition, the airport will be rebranded as New York International at Stewart Field. The airport has experienced low passenger rates in recent years, and with this renaming and the addition of regularly scheduled trans-Atlantic service in 2017 for the first time, New York International will attract more travelers from the Metropolitan area looking for alternative, efficient transportation.


NYSDMV to Begin Using New CDL Skills Test at
Additional Locations

The NYSDMV began using the new CDL skills test at additional locations on December 29, 2017.  This is the final scheduled rollout! Please see the attached document for information regarding the sites scheduled to implement, as well as a list of the sites already using the new test.

If you have any questions please contact Kyle Hairston at


Federal Developments

Five Obstacles to Trump's Infrastructure Ambitions

President Trump plans to put his long-awaited infrastructure package at the top of his 2018 agenda, eager to notch another legislative victory now that he’s signed a major tax overhaul. 

The White House will unveil “detailed legislative principles” in January outlining Trump’s infrastructure vision, which lawmakers will use as a blueprint to craft a bill while Trump works to sell the idea to the public, state and local officials and members of Congress. 



Around the Country

Why Can't Uber Make Money?​​​​​​​

By any measure, Uber’s seven-year entrepreneurial journey has been extraordinary. No venture has ever raised more capital, grown as fast, operated more globally, reached as lofty a valuation — or lost as much money as Uber.

Last month, Uber reported a third-quarter loss of nearly $1.5 billion, bringing its 2017 year-to-date red ink to $3.2 billion. Losses of this magnitude are clearly not sustainable, and call for an explanation of why Uber has been unable to rein in ballooning costs and what it will need to do to survive, let alone prosper.

Gastonia Spending $300,000-Plus on Smaller Transit Buses​​​​​​​

Gastonia's transit system has long relied solely on traditional 35-foot buses that ferry riders around the city.

But empty seats on some routes and concerns about efficiency have called into question the logic of employing such large vehicles here. So the city is trying a new strategy with the purchase of two 28-foot LTVs, or light transit vehicles, that it believes will be more resourceful and maneuverable additions to the municipal fleet.


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