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March 7, 2017
Customers, Lawmakers, Transit Advocates and RTS Urge Governor Cuomo to Provide Additional Funding for Public Transportation

Customers, lawmakers, transit advocates and the Regional Transit Service (RTS) last Friday called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to partner with the local New York State delegation to provide additional funding for public transportation in the Rochester area and the Finger Lakes region. While the Governor’s proposed budget holds funding flat for RTS, additional funding is needed to maintain service, and meet the growing demands of customers, businesses and partners in the community. RTS also needs additional funding to make the kind of changes that are needed to be successful as new technologies and mobility options continue to emerge. Ridesharing is expected to be approved during the current legislative session, and vanpooling and bike sharing initiatives are already underway in the City of Rochester

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Governor Cuomo Announces $150 Million Reconstruction of Woodbury Transit and Economic Development Hub to be Accelerated Five Years

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo last week announced the $150 million reconstruction of the Woodbury Transit and Economic Development Hub will be completed five years ahead of schedule‎, moving up expected completion of the design-build project from 2024 to 2019. The transit and economic development hub project will further bolster Woodbury Common's booming tourism sector and strengthen the local economy -- creating more than 600 jobs and significantly reducing congestion in the Mid-Hudson region. 

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Trump’s $1T infrastructure Plan Won’t All Come From DC, According to GOP Chairman

A key GOP lawmaker said Wednesday that President Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure package won’t be entirely funded with public money and could include projects that are already in the works but have been stalled by the slow federal permitting process.

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Demographic Shifts: Shaping the Future of Car Ownership

Cars have been at the heart of American culture for more than a century. Until recently, getting a license and buying a car were considered rites of passage, and the car you chose was widely regarded as an expression of your identity, reflecting your priorities and revealing your status.All that is now changing. The advent of car sharing, ride-hailing and self-driving vehicles presages a radical transformation in consumer behavior.

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Register TODAY for "The Realities of Developing and Managing a Transit System Budget" Webinar on March 15!

Please join us Wednesday, March 15 at 12 noon as CDTA's Phil Parella discusses the realities of developing and managing a transit system budget. Transit agency budgets must be developed, adopted and then implemented with the input and involvement of a number of key players agency-wide. This webinar will address how to develop and maintain a sound transit agency budget amid a far-reaching spectrum of community needs.Click here to register. 

Submit Your Proposal TODAY for NYPTA Conference 2017!

Please consider submitting a presentation for the 2017 New York State Public Transit Fall Conference and Expo.This year's theme is "Innovation." Proposals that tie to the conference theme will be given priority. To submit a proposal, complete the attached Call for Proposals form and return it to the New York Public Transit Association by April 1.

Save the Date! Ithaca's Transportation Camp on June 17

Please join fellow transit industry advocates at the Transportation Camp in Ithaca on June 17. The Transportation Camp provides an opportunity for every single attendee to be a participant in shaping and leading the event. Click here to register. 

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