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November 1, 2016
CDTA's Latest Ridership Report Shows Numbers On The Rise
The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) announced at its monthly Board Meeting last week that service improvements and new partnerships continue to fuel ridership and system productivity. September ridership on all CDTA buses was up 4% after several months of small declines in total boardings. System ridership totaled 1.59 million, up from 1.53 million in September 2015. The increase is fueled by service improvements implemented in late August and a continued strengthening of Universal Access agreements with area employers.
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NYPTA PTLI Graduate Recognized as Leading Force at NFTA 

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority recognized James Morrell, PTLI Class of 2015, as a leading force at the authority for his dedication and active involvement in the public transit industry. James Morrell recently graduated from the American Public Transportation Association’s Executive Leadership Program.

James was one of 25 elite individuals selected to participate in the one-year program based on his professional commitment within his role as Metro’s Deputy Public Transit Director and for his overall dedication to the betterment of the public transportation industry.

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Governor Cuomo Announces $45 Million Available in Emergency Communications Grants

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced last week the availability of $45 million for counties to improve their emergency communications systems and upgrade technology. This state funding will enable local governments to make improvements by expanding the ability for their systems to communicate, exchange valuable data, and streamline information to enhance collaboration and assist first responders. 

"In an emergency, every second counts," Governor Cuomo said. "These awards will help counties access next-generation technology and improve their ability to connect, communicate and respond to disasters and other threats to our communities."

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USDOT Requests Applications for $850 Million in FASTLANE Transportation Infrastructure Grants

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx  announced on Friday that the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Build America Bureau is now soliciting applications for up to $850 million in Fostering Advancements in Shipping and Transportation for the Long-term Achievement of National Efficiencies (FASTLANE) grants.

The FASTLANE program was established in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act to fund critical freight and highway projects across the country. The FAST Act authorized the program at $4.5 billion for fiscal years (FY) 2016 through 2020, including $850 million for  2017 to be awarded by the Secretary of Transportation. 

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Uber Plans Future of Flying Mass Transit

Uber released plans that outlined its plans for global on-demand aviation. The network of small, electric aircraft – called VTOL for Vertical Take-off and Landing -- would provide rapid transportation in the air to avoid the transportation congestion on the ground.

While there is no current vehicle available, Uber said the aircraft would need to be designed for 150-200 mph cruise speeds and one-minute take offs and landings. The company states helicopters are the closest current-day aircraft similar to what is described, but today’s helicopters are too inefficient.


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Ideal passenger Honored with Transit System Award

Gary Byers was widely recognized for his positive attitude, even as he struggled with his health.

His personality was especially evident when the Decatur Public Transit System last year presented him with its 1 millionth passenger award. It was an honor Byers never expected to receive but was quite honored by it.

From now on, Byers' legacy will be remembered by all those receiving the award as it was named in his memory. The award was presented Friday for the first time after Byers' death in September.

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Save the Date: Transit Awareness Day, January 31, 2017!

Registration opening up soon. Stay tuned.

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