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April 12, 2016
Rochester Regional Transit Launches New and Improved Routes  
Rochester Regional Transit (RTS) announced the successful launch of new and improved routes as of April 4, 2016. RTS said that passengers with the new and improved routes woudl have a more efficient,quicker, and reliable ride. 
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In depth Analysis of Enacted State Budget for 2016-2017
Featured on NYPTA's website is an analysis of the Enacted State Budget for 2016-2017 by Bob Zerrillo, Bob Reid, and Padraic Bambrick.The analysis focuses on the allocation of state funds for public transit for all of New York State. To access the analysis, click here. 
New Yorkers for Ridesharing Coalition Plans Legislative Outreach
New Yorkers for Rideshairng is a coalition of comunity organizations, businesses, civic organizations,advocates, and citizens whi support affordable, reliable and safe transportation alternatives for Central,Upstate, and Western New York. Coalition members are targeting State Legislators over the next few weeks of gaining support for legisation. 
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APTA Releases Findings In Favor of Shared Mobility and Public Transit
The Shared Use Mobility Center (SUMC) did a research analysis for the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) on the the importance of shared mobility and public transportation.The analysis draws from a wide variety of sources, including interviews with public officials, a survey of shared mobility users and an analysis of Uber and transit demand in seven cities. 
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How Houston's Bus Network Got It's Grove Back
All too recently for citizens of Houston the bus service was something you might find from the mid 20th century. The buses were old, the schedule was inconvenient, and the routes were difficult. Then, one day, Houston citizens woke up to a a whole new system. Here's their story.
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Ulster County Accepts Bids for Transit Buses
Requests for Proposals for Diesel Transit Buses from Ulster County may be sent until June 30, 2016. Sealed proposals will be received, publicly opened,and read at the Ulster County Purchasing Department starting on June 30th, at 2:00 P.M.
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Save the Dates: Mobility Solutions Summit + Design Thinking Training + Transportation Camp - Ithaca June 2016

Please save the dates! Tompkins County will host a training and conference in Ithaca on June 23-25, addressing sustainable community mobility offering three events:

June 23-24  Creating Innovative Solutions for Health Care-Related Transportation by Applying Design Thinking Strategies

June 23-24  Mobility Solutions Summit

June 25 Transportation Camp - Ithaca 2016 

More information will soon be available. Please contact Dwight Mengel with additional questions.

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