March 29, 2016
Brussels Attacks Prompt More Security in New York City and  Long Island 
Following the Terrorist attack in Brussels last week, increased security has been implemented. and has noticeably increased in New York City and on Long Island. MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast said his agency coordinates closely with the NYPD, Joint Terrorism Task Force, and other intelligence agencies, and has stepped up the presence of uniformed and highly armed police officers.  
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Saratoga Transit Route Reconstructed, Unveiling May 29, 2016
The new service package for Saratoga County will roll out Sunday May 29, 2016 and was created after a series of public meetings where riders, community stakeholders, and the public provided helpful feedback. 
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MTA Seeks To Recover Money Made Off  Imposter's Film 
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Monday that it will try to recoup any money that transit imposter, Darius McCollum makes off a feature film in development about his life stealing buses and trains, reported The Associated Press. 
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Rural Transit Agencies: Apply Now For 2016 FTA Administrator's Award
Any local rural transit provider receiving assistance under section 5311 may be nominated for FTA's Administrator's Award for Outstanding Public Service. Transit providers will be judged on their success in improving the mobility of Americans in rural areas and providing better access to jobs, health care, and other community services. Nominations must address how transit systems create connections fir riders, particularly in low-income communities, as well as veterans, seniors, youths, and disadvantaged populations. 
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Atlanta's MARTA Expansion Bill Scores Victory
A plan to let the city of Atlanta pursue a $2.5 billion expansion of MARTA scored an improbable victory on the last day of Georgia's legislative session Thursday championed by some of the same lawmakers who tried to defeat a similar proposal weeks ago. 
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Webinar: May 18, 2016 "Transit as a Customer-Oriented Business" at 3:00 PM EDT hosted by NYPTA and featuring Jonathan Scherzer. Register here 


Please save the date! Tompkins County will host a training and conference in Ithaca on June 23-25, addressing sustainable community mobility offering three events:

June 23-24  Creating Innovative Solutions for Health Care-Related Transportation by Applying Design Thinking Strategies

June 23-24  Mobility Solutions Summit

June 25 Transportation Camp - Ithaca 2016 

More information will soon be available. Please contact Dwight Mengel with additional questions, he can be reached at 

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