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March 22, 2016
Making Transportation Funding a Priority 
NYPTA President and CEO of the Capital District Transportation Authority Carm Basile joined with Assemblymembers Pat Fahy and Shelley Mayer on Capital Tonight. The group discussed the Assembly's proposed one-house budget which includes an increase in funding for non-MTA transit systems. "There is a growing recognition on the importance of mobility in our state and how mobility connects people to opportunity," said Basile. 
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MTA Re-Launches Public Safety Campaign
New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today re-launched its long-running “If you see something, say something” public safety campaign by incorporating real stories from real New Yorkers who have reported suspicious packages or activities.
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State Legislators and Transit Groups Call for Parity
Various advocates for the state's public-transit systems joined together with a handful of state lawmakers and community organizations to push for a proposal which would boost state-provided operating funds to $208 million for public-transportation systems upstate and $308.5 million for those in the lower Hudson Valley and on Long Island.
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How a National Transit Map Connects ‘Transit Deserts’ to Grid
In the labyrinth of bus routes, rail lines and commuter arteries that make up a city map, identifying areas that lack sufficient services can be difficult. But a new U.S. Transportation Department initiative would help pinpoint these “transit deserts.” Then, planners say, urban and suburban pockets with fewer train and bus service — or those lacking any transit — could be better connected to a city’s grid.
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Transforming Public Transportation
The American Public Transportation Association’s annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., kicked off in mid March with a distinctive atmosphere from the past few years; there was a new sense of optimism. The Conference included discussions of disruptive technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing and transportation network companies (TNCs) and focused on how the transit industry can reposition itself to be ahead of the curve.
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Study Says Public Supports Transit and Uber Partnership
Public transit providers across the U.S. shouldn’t shy away from partnerships with app-based companies such as Uber and Lyft to leverage their success and improve on their services, a new study commissioned by the American Public Transportation Association says.The report found a strong correlation between public transit and the shared services: the more people use Uber and Lyft, the more likely they are to use transit.
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Save the Dates: Mobility Solutions Summit + Design Thinking Training + Transportation Camp - Ithaca June 2016

Please save the dates! Tompkins County will host a training and conference in Ithaca on June 23-25, addressing sustainable community mobility offering three events:

June 23-24  Creating Innovative Solutions for Health Care-Related Transportation by Applying Design Thinking Strategies

June 23-24  Mobility Solutions Summit

June 25 Transportation Camp - Ithaca 2016 

More information will soon be available. Please contact Dwight Mengel with additional questions.

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