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September 29, 2015
A new transit center is planned for downtown Troy. The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) outlined plans to build a $3.5 million transit center in downtown Troy, which would require revamping some of the city's one-way streets to allow buses to travel in the opposite direction from the rest of the traffic. "It's a concept that has been used throughout North America but it hasn't been done in the Capital Region," said Ross Farrell, director of planning for CDTA. "The one-way streets would become two-way streets with one direction being only for buses."
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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is highlighting its continuing efforts toward a greener world with a special edition MetroCard. A million MetroCards have been issued with a green front face and a green message on the back reminding customers that they are helping to address climate change by taking public transportation and asking how else they can incorporate greener efforts into their everyday lives. The cards mark the MTA’s partnership with the United Nations on Caring for Climate, a voluntary initiative for business leadership to address the impact of human activity on the planet.
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation increasing penalties for forcible touching on public transit statewide. The new legislation covers all state-operated bus, train and subway systems. The misdemeanor was bumped up from Class B to A, with up to fines of $1,000 and a year in jail. "New York has zero tolerance for predators who seek to use crowded buses, subways and trains to commit depraved crimes of opportunity,” Cuomo said in a statement.
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U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) is providing approximately $1 million in federal funding for North Hempstead’s Project Independence, a vital transportation program serving over 50,000 Town of North Hempstead seniors. Schumer helped officials begin the program several years ago and says it is essential to North Hempstead’s seniors.
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Middletown is planning on breathing new life into long-vacant structures and properties in downtown’s Business Improvement District and the Community Campus. The city is heading toward “transit oriented development” and the linchpin for Middletown will be the completion of the Heritage Trail. Working with Coach Tours, the city wants to make a transportation hub downtown at a cost of $1.5 million funded by Coach USA.
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The expansion of the state’s park-and-ride in Kingston is complete enough that the newly paved spaces are getting a workout, but the new lot in Saugerties still isn’t ready for use. Both of the lots have been configured to permit bus service at some future point. The Ulster County projects and two similar Orange County ones costing $6.4 million, in Monroe and Newburgh, are part of a wide-ranging DOT effort to encourage people to use transit or share rides for work and play.
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Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that will speed up bus trips by expanding the number of bus lanes where the New York City can deploy camera enforcement. The law now enables the city to use cameras to keep car drivers out of exclusive bus lanes on up to 16 routes, an increase from just six today. Under the bill, which passed the Senate and the Assembly in June, the city can choose the 10 additional bus routes that will receive camera enforcement.
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If you've been stuck in traffic or waited on a bus or train, you know it's hard to overstate the demand for better transportation. We're struggling to meet our needs today, and over the next 30 years, we’re going to have 70 million more people in our country. Traditionally, our surface transportation infrastructure has been supported by long-term funding and policy authorizations passed by Congress. But we haven’t seen a bill like that pass through our Congress in a decade. Rather than having a single strategy, we need to have an all-of-the-above strategy.
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Hartford, CT — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy urged the public to join him in pressuring the General Assembly to support a state constitutional amendment to safeguard budget revenues earmarked for transportation. The governor also said his goal is to have a proposed amendment before voters for final consideration on the 2016 ballot, when the presidential race traditionally ensures a higher turnout. People ask, what’s the next big step we could make in modernizing our transportation system? It is to get the legislature to adopt a constitutional lockbox,” Malloy said.
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SANTA CLARA, CA — The Santa Clara University (SCU) campus is the beta test grounds for a driverless shuttle system being developed by Silicon Valley start-up Auro Robotics. The benefit could extend to students, faculty and staff not only on campus but in accessing public transit such as Caltrain and the potential BART station nearby.
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NYS Public Transit Industry CONNECTIONS Conference & Expo
October 27-29 | Rochester, NY

The NYS Public Transit Industry CONNECTIONS Conference and Expo is the largest annual gathering of public transportation managers and professionals in New York State. Don't miss out! The Early Bird Deadline ends Tuesday, October 6thRegister here and save $100!

The list of companies exhibiting in the CONNECTIONS Expo is growing every day! The Expo showcases bus and van displays and the latest transit industry products and services. Register here by October 6th and save $100.

Program Highlight of the Week: Mobility Management Track

  • NYC DOT Mobility Management Panel Discussion: Representatives share their vision for their mobility management program and how this cutting-edge program has impacted their community.
  • Leveraging Resources to Create Reliable Rural Ridershare Programs: An overview of the 511NY Southern Tier and Jefferson County Ridershare projects.
  • How Do I Get From Here to There?: The opportunities and challenges of implementing a unified trip planning and integrated booking system for fixed route and demand responsive transit.
  • Creating a Community Mobility System: A question and answer roundtable with mobility managers and operators. 
  • The Delivery System Reform and Incentive Payment Program and Opportunities for Transportation: Attendees will be presented an overview of the DSRIP initiative in New York State and the implications for transportation service providers. 

New Features!

  • RTS is providing attendees with bus day passes during the conference. Pick up your RTS Bus Pass at the NYPTA Registration Desk. It is a great way to enjoy Rochester!
  • Shepard Bros./Coach & Equipment extends an invitation to conference attendees to tour their facility in Penn Yan on Thursday, October 29. The tour will begin at 2pm. Pre-registration is required.

To learn more about education sessions and networking opportunities at the Annual Conference, visit www.nystransitconference.org. 

For questions regarding registration, contact NYPTA at 518-434-9060 or email info@nytransit.org.

Thank You Exhibitors  (Sponsors in bold.  = Bus display)

• ABT Products & Services Ltd • Altro Transflor • American Seating Co. • Apollo Video Technology
• BAE Systems/HybriDrive Propulsion System • Benzaiten, LLC • Braunability • Clever Devices, LTD • ConSysTec • Doron Precision Systems, Inc. • Ecolane • Empire Bus Sales LLC • Fenton Mobility Products Bus display  • Freedman Seating Co. • Gillig, LLC https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/YoGDf-_UfsVLSu0BwfBd0JHYb2oZsiHrcx2pQg0NACWB_khGO4K9WTsefJWvqmetxVpyuVv6MmXrwEtQWrvtooTGcAURbr_3nhOIx-E=s0-d-e1-ft#http://www.nytransit.org/images/Conference/Bus_Icon.png• GIRO, Inc. • GTS, Inc. • Hanover Displays, Inc. • IBI Group • Kelderman Manufacturing • Luminator Technology Group • McDonald Transit Associates  • MGM Brakes • Motor Coach Industries, Inc. Bus displayMuncie Transit Parts/ABC Companies • New Flyer of America https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/YoGDf-_UfsVLSu0BwfBd0JHYb2oZsiHrcx2pQg0NACWB_khGO4K9WTsefJWvqmetxVpyuVv6MmXrwEtQWrvtooTGcAURbr_3nhOIx-E=s0-d-e1-ft#http://www.nytransit.org/images/Conference/Bus_Icon.png•  Nova Bus Bus display • Onspot Automatic Tire Chains • Protran Technology • Q'Straint/Sure-LokShepard Bros. Bus displayRouteMatch Software • Seifert Transite Graphics • Seon • Shepard Bros.,Inc. SPX GenfareStewart & Stevenson Power Products LLC-Atlantic Division / PENN Commercial Vechicle Solutions  • SyncromaticsTAPTCO • The Nevison Group • The RCA Rubber Company • Transit Marketing Group • Urban Engineers of NY, PC • Urban Solar Corp. • USSC Group • Voith Turbo, Inc. • Wendel Companies • Westmatic • XL Hybrids

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