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July 14th, 2015
The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) will be introducing a new purple line on its bus rapid service. The new line will include creating a busway through the UAlbany and Harriman campuses and creating some bus only lanes. The route ends at Crossgates where CDTA plans to build a $25 million transit center. “It will be climate controlled,” CDTA President/CEO, and NYPTA President, Carm Basile explained. “There will be all sorts of information and transportation tools for them to use. We are really going to elevate the whole transit experience.” Watch an interview with Basile here.
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The New York Public Transit Leadership Institute (PTLI) opened in 2014 to provide education, mentoring and opportunity to up-and-coming transit leaders. Six mid-to-senior level transit professionals were in the inaugural class and received an inside look at key transit executive functions like budgeting, labor relations, customer relations and advocacy, as well as infrastructure components like scheduling, maintenance, purchasing and more. “My experience has proven to be an insightful year-long journey and a tremendous opportunity to learn about the many intricacies relating to the public transportation industry,” said Lawrence L. Kaminski, Mobility Management Planner for Ardent Solutions.
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The Rochester City School District and Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority have signed an agreement to bus city school students for the 2015-2016 school year. RGRTA said 91 percent of the city’s school students will be bused directly from home to school and back at the end of the day without transfers at or near the downtown transit center.  “Working together, RTS and RCSD have designed a solution that achieves our mutual goals,” RGRTA officials said in a statement.
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The Greene County Legislature said it intends to formalize a cooperative agreement with The Arc of Ulster-Greene, formerly known as Ulster-Greene ARC, to provide a coordinated approach to public transportation. The organization has worked with the Greene County Legislature since 2014 to acknowledge the need for enhanced public transportation in the county. “Because of our partnership with the county, for the first time ever, there will be a reliable public transportation system within Greene County touching each major township,” said Melissa Paradies, The Arc of Ulster-Greene Communications Manager.
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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D- NY) says thousands of major highway repair projects, are in danger of coming to a screeching halt --unless Congress acts quickly "If we don't act within three weeks there will be no highway money," said Schumer, while standing near a section of road outside of Buffalo that has been off limits to cars since a cave-in last year. Senator Schumer's warning is in regard to the soon to be empty Federal Highway Trust Fund, which assists local communities in paying for urgent highway repairs.
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As Americans are into their summer travel, nearly 89 million (57 percent) who plan to vacation in a U.S. city say they will use public transportation for at least one activity this summer.  More than 156 million Americans in total plan to travel to a top U.S. city this summer (24 percent increase). This continues a trend from recent years. The American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) annual "Travel Like a Local" Summer Travel Survey reports that public transportation will be highly utilized by these travelers looking for the most cost-effective and worry-free form of transportation.
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The federal gas tax isn’t going up — and Congress still has no plan to keep paying for highway construction crews on the job this summer. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ruled out raising the gas tax as a way to fill the Highway Trust Fund’s dwindling coffers. Without an infusion of cash, the fund will run out of money at the end of July. McConnell said the Senate will take up the issue as soon as next week. But there is still no clear strategy for how the Republican majority plans to find the billions of dollars needed to keep highway and transit construction up and running.
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Washington, DC -- According to the 2013 Census, 44.7 million people in the United States were 65 years or older.  By 2030, one-fifth of the population will be in this age category, which is projected to surge to 74 million people, an increase of 69 percent. This dramatic increase in older Americans means that communities will need to provide more public transportation services for their older residents. “It is essential that our leaders and policy makers address the needs of older citizens, a demographic that is expected to increase to nearly 74 million by 2030,” said APTA President and CEO Michael Melaniphy.
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Exton, PA -- After months of research and development and rigorous testing, 4ONE introduced its new GrabHold seating for mass transit buses. The new, ergonomically designed GrabHold, with built-in safety grab handle, helps protect passengers from sudden shifts in bus movement. For the first time, passengers who sit in the aisle position on a forward-facing flip seat have something to grab onto during sudden stops and decelerations.
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Important Dates!

PTLI Applications Close August 1st

LeadershipAfter a successful first year, NYPTA looks forward to celebrating its Public Transit Leadership Institute (PTLI) graduating class of 2015, and welcoming the new PTLI Class of 2016.

NYPTA’s PTLI program offers future executives an inside look at transit management at the highest levels. PTLI’s mentor driven program provides one-on-one and small group platforms for real-life, real-time transit management learning and professional growth.

Please consider potential candidates, either yourself or one of your colleagues.  Nominations close August 1st.  Click here for a brochure outlining the PTLI program and eligibility requirements or register online here.

NYPTA Hall of Fame Nominations Close August 1st

Hall of FameThe New York Public Transit Association is seeking nominations for inductees into the Public Transit Association Hall of Fame. Awards will be presented at this year's Annual  Fall Conference & Expo, October 27-29 in Rochester.

NYPTA established the Transit Hall of Fame in 1999 as a tribute to leaders in the transit industry who have made extraordinary contributions to the Association and our transit community.

The following are eligible for nomination:

  1. Officers or officials of NYPTA transit system members, or its predecessor organizations in a fitting manner.
  2. Employees and officials of NYPTA business members in a fitting manner.
  3. Staff members of NYPTA or predecessor organizations.

The nominees for the NYPTA Hall of Fame must fit the following criteria:

  1. Have 10 or more years of service to the public transit industry while serving one or more of the qualifications described above.
  2. No longer be active on a full time basis for at least one year prior to the time of application in the area in which the individual’s ten or more years of qualifying service to the industry was performed.
  3. Have been an active participant in the Association’s activities during his or her career.

Please recommend a deserving candidate by using the online Nomination Form and sending it to Associaton headquarters by August 1, 2015.

Mail to :

NYPTA Hall of Fame
136 Everett Road
Albany, NY  12205

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