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Read MoreNYPTA’s Five Year Capital Program for Upstate and Downstate Transit has been released. The report documents the critical capital investment needs of transit systems across the state. It presents the infrastructure needs and available statewide resources expected over the next 5 years for transit systems other than those services operated by the MTA. Importantly, it urges the Governor and Legislature to take a lead role in identifying new resources to support these infrastructure investments.

NYPTA President Carm Basile was a guest on Time Warner Cable’s statewide Capital Tonight program, and further discussed the critical need for infrastructure investment in non-MTA transit systems. You can watch the interview here. Please note: People without a Time Warner account are not allowed access to the video. However, this policy is expected to change later this week, so if you are blocked, save the link and try again in a few days.

Read MoreTransit systems across New York need similar consideration in Albany when state leaders look at ways to help the MTA. The transit systems have aging fleets and old stations that could be upgraded with additional state aid. Unlike the MTA, they don't have a dedicated state funding stream for capital improvements. "This is sort of that classic upstate, downstate thing as far as vying for limited funds," said Gregory Kilmer, commissioner of the Broome County transportation department.

Read MoreMichael Setzer, CEO of the Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE Bus), has been named Metro Magazine’s one of the most influential people in public transportation over the last decade. Setzer was cited for a 2007 innovative program he began in Cincinnati, and his 2011 work to re-make the old Long Island Bus system into NICE Bus to save the transit system and save millions of dollars in the process.

Read MoreRegional Transit Service opened its new $50 million transit center Friday. This $50 million transit center operates a lot like an airport terminal with gates where people go to catch their buses. There's soft music and lighting, customer service staff members and monitors everywhere helping direct people and telling them if buses are on time. Almost all of it is inside, at a terminal with heated floors and heated sidewalks near the front doors. At peak hours, this terminal can get 100 buses per hour.

Read MoreThe MTA Transportation Reinvention Commission recommends the MTA take significant steps to re-engineer its way of doing business and make its system more resilient, while all those who benefit from the MTA’s services must contribute to reliable long-term funding to continue to drive the region’s prosperity. The report says the continued economic success of the New York region depends on a world-class transportation network that reliably, comfortably and seamlessly takes customers where they want to go.


Read MoreA group of public transit advocates has a very geometrical solution to a seating shortage at many Rocheser-area bus stops: Cubes. Brightly painted wooden ones. Reconnect Rochester constructed several such boxes and placed them at a pair of busy city bus stops with little or no seating. The group said it costs less than $40 to construct each 2-by-2-by-2 cube.“We like the idea and are supportive of Reconnect Rochester and neighborhood associations that would work together to execute it,” said Regional Transit Service spokeswoman Carole Dowling on Monday.


Read MoreAmtrak reported unaudited record revenue totaling approximately $3.2 billion for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, representing the fifth consecutive year of revenue growth, and the eighth out of the past nine years. “Our efforts to operate a more financially sound railroad for our stakeholders continues to exceed expectations,” said Amtrak President/CEO Joe Boardman. “Amtrak’s customer value proposition improves each year as seen by our continued ridership and revenue growth for the better part of the past decade.”

Read MoreMany cities have committed to more sustainable transit. Researchers at Arizona State University are playing a role, providing evidence-based information on how to design our cities to promote transit options that are good for the environment, the economy and our bodies. Over the full life cycle, cars take a heavier toll on the environment than public transit options like buses and light rail. Unless you live in a city where drivers always carpool while trains and buses routinely run empty, public transit is the cleaner option.


Webinar: Let’s Talk Performance: Theory vs. Practice -- Linking Performance Measures to Improved Performance Outcomes

Presenters will showcase examples of how using performance measures/management data impacts and improves transportation performance outcomes. Sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration.

Tuesday, December 9, from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (EST).

Register here.

National RTAP and Easter Seals Project ACTION Present 101 Webinar: ADA Customer Service and Compliance


When: Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 2:30-3:30pm Eastern
What: An overview of key requirements and best practices related to the ADA and customer service for rural and tribal transit operators.

Kristi McLaughlin, Training & Technical Assistance Specialist at Easter Seals Project ACTION, will discuss key issues, best practices, and requirements related to customer sensitivity, ADA transportation regulations, and how to provide reasonable assistance to customers.

This one-hour webinar will be beneficial for rural and tribal transit drivers and managers, for those who are new and as a refresher for more experienced drivers and managers.

The following will be covered in the webinar:

  • Customer sensitivity
  • The ADA and transportation - e.g., service animals, boarding and securing people who use wheelchairs, and effective communication
  • Reasonable assistance - what is required and what might be too much

Register now!

Webinar: Using 5310 Funds to Enhance Service: Best Practices & Success Stories

December 18, 2014
2:00–3:30pm EST | 1:00-2:30pm CST |
12:00-1:30pm MST | 11:00am-12:30pm PST

Easter Seals Project ACTION presents this webinar to share the best practices and success stories of communities across the country that have increased and improved mobility for people with disabilities under this most recent transportation bill. Presenters will discuss best practices in both obtaining and using 5310 funding to enhance mobility and will also share their experience with enhancing the services they provide with 5310 funding.
Registration deadline: December 16, 2014

Register here


Save the Date for NYPTA’s 2015 Transit Awareness Day. Join us at the Capital in Albany February 3 to bring lawmakers a unified message on the importance of investing in transit infrastructure.

We need a unified voice, we need to be heard and we need you make it happen.

Our industry partners can play a key role, too. Become a Transit Awareness Day sponsor and secure a prominent position on Transit Awareness Day 2015!

Plan to be in Albany on February 3. Details here.

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