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Read MoreThe Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) has rolled out a Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) pilot program for its fleet of fixed route buses. RTPI takes the guesswork out of waiting and puts the power of riding in the customer’s hands by using Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) software to determine bus location and speed. Customers will be able to access real time transit information for CDTA fixed route services through the free CDTA iride mobile application for Apple and Android devices, through Google Maps’ mobile apps and, through the trip planner on its website ( or by speaking with a customer service representative at CDTA’s Call Center.

Read MoreThe Regional Transit Service (RTS) will hold six open houses leading up to the facility's opening on Nov. 28. The public can take a look around, learn how the center works and find out about sweeping route and schedule changes that will go into effect on opening day. The $50 million facility is RTS' flagship project, nearly two decades in the making, and it will significantly change what it's like to ride a bus through the city.

Read MoreThe Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has named David L. Mayer as the agency’s new Chief Safety Officer. The new position was created to reinforce safety as the top priority for all MTA agencies as they continue to improve work practices and invest in new technology and equipment. “Having someone to oversee and lead safety initiatives throughout the system can only enhance and improve our efforts,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas F. Prendergast. “David’s experience with the National Transportation Safety Board, and exceptional work on safety projects in all modes of transportation, makes him the best person for the job.” Mayer will begin at the MTA on December 1. 

Read MoreThe Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) has been awarded $1.6 million dollars in federal funding that will be used to improve infrastructure along the proposed River Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line. The River Corridor will stretch 15 miles along major segments of NYS Route 32 and Route 4 through the communities along the Hudson River from downtown Albany to Waterford. The funding is part of approximately $70 million in awards to fund 68 bicycle, pedestrian and multi-use path transportation projects in New York.


Read MoreGovernor Andrew M. Cuomo and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter announced the start of construction on the $29.8 million Rochester Intermodal Station. The new station will reduce regional delays by expanding track service at the station, increase functionality through a new and redesigned concourse, and enhance the overall passenger experience in the larger, modern station. The design of the new Rochester Station is inspired by the aesthetics and architecture of the former Bragdon Station, built on the same site in 1914 and demolished in 1965.

Read MoreCompared to 15 of the world's largest capital cities, New York City has the safest public transportation system for women according to a survey published by Thomson Reuters Foundation. Researchers surveyed more than 6,000 women in the 15 most populous world capitals and New York City. Researchers attributed the relative safety of New York City’s transport system to its extensive use of CCTV cameras, heavy police presence and communication points where concerned passengers could report abuse.


Read MoreTransportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is reminding voters that this Congress failed to pass a long-term highway funding bill in the final days leading up to the hotly contested midterms. “I do sense, whether it’s local Chambers of Commerce or [Metropolitan Planning Organizations], that there’s a growing recognition that the accumulation of short-term measures are doing damage to our system.” The Transportation secretary said that, despite the end-of-campaign clutter, he believes his message about the state of roads in the U.S. could break through. 


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Torrence, CA -- Sometimes viewed as adversaries, public transportation agencies and private motorcoach operators are teaming up to expand transportation options in some areas with agreements called public-private partnerships (P3). The P3 agreements are proving to be extremely beneficial for both private operators, who have focused on diversifying their operations post-9/11, and public transit agencies, who are trying to capitalize on growing demand by offering even more services.

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Boston, MA -- The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will make paying state tolls easier by 2016 in order to reduce road congestion and cut costs, but it could come at a price greater than the $2.50 toll charge. In two years, all 270 of the state’s booths will automatically dock fees from the 76 percent of drivers who currently use E-ZPass transponders. For those without transponders, a camera will snap an image of the license plate and send a bill in the mail. All drivers will be able to go through all lanes at full speed. But what drivers are earning in convenience they may be paying in privacy.


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A Crisis Management Model: Preparing Your Operations for Winter

With its 5,700 bus fleet, MTA New York City Transit Buses is the largest bus fleet in the North America. Winters in the NYC metropolitan area can vary, with an average seasonal snowfall of 25", to last year's record of over 50 inches. Donald Foy, Assistant Chief Transportation Officer of the Bus Command Center will use winter preparation as a specific example to provide an overview of disaster preparedness systems you can adapt to you fleet in any type of crisis.

Presenter: Donald Foy, Assistant Chief Transportation Officer of the Bus Command  Center

A 28-year veteran of NYC Transit, Mr. Foy has spent the last 11 years in the Bus Command Center in varying levels of responsibility.  He oversees the total operation of the Bus Command Center, including response to hurricanes and snow storms.

Date: Wednesday, November 12
Time: 12:00 – 12:50pm
(Note: Webinar will extend to 1:15 pm for Public Transit Training Institute (PTLI) participants)

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Saturday to Wednesday, November 15-19, 2014
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