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Read MoreRTS CEO Bill Carpenter was joined by national, state and local officials to mark the completion of construction of the RTS Transit Center. The dedication of the RTS Transit Center signals a transformation of public transportation in Rochester. An improved route system and more communications options for customers will make the bus riding experience easier, more comfortable, convenient and efficient. U.S. Senator Charles Schumer said, “this transit center could spell major economic growth for the entire region, bringing new business and new jobs in by the busload.”

Read MoreThe Metropolitan Transportation Authority reached unprecedented milestones in September, breaking the previous single-day ridership record five times in a single month. Newly available figures show 6,106,694 customers rode the subway on Tuesday, Sept. 23, making it the highest ridership ever since daily figures were first recorded in 1985. Four other September days also saw more than 6 million customers, and the 149 million customers over the month were more than in any other September in more than 60 years.

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October 27th, 2014 marked the 110th anniversary of the MTA subway system. The first train ran north from City Hall to 145th Street and Broadway. The system that now benefits 5.8 million daily customers sprang from a single line that didn’t leave the confines of Manhattan. The system has grown into a four-borough operation that each day moves more than double the population of Chicago.


Read MoreGovernor Andrew M. Cuomo outlined New York State’s response to a positive test for Ebola in a patient at Bellevue Hospital in New York City – in order to ensure public health and safety and contain the disease. As part of the Governor’s Ebola Preparedness Plan, New York State health, public safety, and transportation officials have been in engaging in an ongoing series of training exercises and drills. The MTA developed a protocol to keep its employees and customers safe.


Read MoreAmericans in an ABC News/Washington Post poll favor expanded public transportation options over road building in government efforts to reduce traffic congestion. But where they live makes a difference. Overall, 54 percent prefer focusing on public transit, such as trains and buses, while four in ten say the government should focus on expanding and building roads instead. Preference for public transit, though, ranges from 61 percent of urban residents to 52 percent of suburbanites and 49 percent of people in rural areas.

Read MoreBuoyed by record-breaking public-transit ridership figures, American Public Transportation Association members are warning of the increasingly dire consequences ahead for U.S. infrastructure without action on long-term federal reauthorization funding. APTA hopes Congress will take note of the 10.7 billion transit trips taken in 2013—the highest ridership in 57 years, the group says—and of the insatiable demand for federal programs that provide funding for mass-transit projects.


Read MoreNew Brunswick, NJ - With nearly half the public transportation workforce of 400,000 expected to retire in the next 10 years, managers and human resource professionals in the $55 billion transit industry said they expect a federally funded Rutgers University website publicizing job and training opportunities to generate interest. “What’s unique is that it allows visitors to explore career pathways, get localized information about salaries and allows them to search for jobs training locally,” said Jennifer M. Cleary, a senior researcher at Rutgers’ John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development.

Read MoreTorrence, CA - As studies continue to find so-called millennials — those born between 1982 and 2004 — driving less and being more open to alternative forms of transportation, many agencies are making efforts to become more attractive to that market, as well as on the opposite end of the spectrum, to Baby Boomers. Of these initiatives, adding real-time bus information, offering free Wi-Fi, creating apps and improving fare payment, such as adding smart cards and smartphone payment technology, are the most popular for attracting millennials, as well as marketing and branding efforts.


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