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Read MoreThe NYPD could have dozens of new eyes in the transit system — without a cop setting foot on a train — if a plan to put surveillance cameras in subway cars gets the green light. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton envisions a future in which officers armed with tablets keep tabs on rolling subway cars remotely. Conductors could also monitor display terminals in their cabins between stations to detect disturbances in real time and enable prompt assessments of reports from riders via subway intercoms, Bratton said.

Read MoreGrowing ridership, shifting demographic trends and a changing climate are certain to have an impact on transportation in the coming decades. In order to keep up with these challenges, the MTA has established a special advisory board of 22 experts who will be make up the Transportation Reinvention Commission. The Commission will be chaired jointly by former U.S Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and former Federal Aviation Administrator Jane Garvey. They will oversee 22 commission members serving on five subcommittees. They include experts on the MTA network and service territory, as well as on other transport networks around the world.

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The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) Board of Directors approved proposed smart card and mobile ticket offerings along with an outreach schedule for its New Fare Collection System (NFCS) at its monthly meeting in Rensselaer. A key feature of CDTA’s new fare collection system is the ability to use smart cards and mobile payment technology that offers customers new payment options and increased flexibility. The proposal focuses on stored value debit (Pay As You Go) and Frequent Rider (similar to Rolling Swipers) options. Customers will be able to choose the option they want for their smart card or mobile device and ride accordingly.


Read MoreCOOPERSTOWN -- New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco are all major cities for spectacular Fourth of July celebrations. But there are small towns all throughout the U.S. that capture the true American spirit with their homegrown celebrations. Cooperstown is home to the second-oldest continuously running fourth of July parade.  The Farmers’ Museum celebrates with the sounds of 1776, including muskets blasting with a Militia Muster, a live reading of the Declaration of Independence on the historic village green, living history demonstrations, and traditional 19th century music all day long.

Read MoreSYRACUSE -- After months of research debate and public comment, the State Department of Transportation has come up with six options for the future of the elevated section of Interstate 81 it deems worthy of further study. Three of those options involve replacing the current viaduct with a new one and three involve replacing it with a street level boulevard.None of the options include a tunnel, and that's an option State Senator John DeFrancisco says is worth looking at.


Read MoreThe Federal Transit Administration this week announced $100 million in funding for buses and bus facilities through the Ladders of Opportunity Initiative. Available funding may be used to upgrade and expand bus service, "specifically for the purpose of connecting disadvantaged and low-income individuals, veterans, senior, youths, and others with local workforce training, employment centers, health care, and other vital services," according to FTA.

Read MoreHouse Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said this week that his chamber would likely only approve a highway bill that lasts for “some number of months.” Lawmakers have been struggling to find a way to close a shortfall in transportation funding that is estimated to be as high as $16 billion per year. Transportation advocates have pushed for an increase in the gas tax for the first time since 1993, but Boehner said his chamber was looking for a shorter funding solution. 


Read MoreSALT LAKE CITY — For the fourth time, the Utah Transit Authority has been named one of the best public transportation systems in North America.UTA is being recognized as the 2014 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award winner by the American Public Transportation Association, the international industry organization representing the United States and Canada. The award honors public transportation systems that have demonstrated “achievement in efficiency and effectiveness.”

Read MoreEL PASO --- Sun Metro's Brio buses will be up and running along the Mesa corridor in just a few months. "Part of the amenity for this Brio service is that it could lengthen a green light at the traffic signal. Not necessarily change it, but lengthen it in order to run through the corridor much faster," said Cruz-Acosta. If the light is yellow the bus will stop. Same story is the light is red. But if the traffic light is green, it may stay green a little longer -- reducing lag times at intersections.

Read MoreLONDON -- It may not be an actual problem, but it’s definitely annoying to climb up the stairs of a double-decker bus only to slink back down because there are no free seats. A new technology from Transport for London (TfL), the city’s mass transit organization, will use preexisting closed-circuit television (CCTV) setups in the double-decker buses to monitor how many people are upstairs. The data will show up on a display downstairs so passengers can know whether or not they should climb to the top. 


Our Newest Initiative – NYS Public Transit Leadership Institute

Will your agency be ready?  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports one third of civilian employees working for State and Federal governments will retire in seven to ten years with 34% currently over the age of 50.  It is extremely important that our authorities, agencies and transit systems be able to minimize the leadership voids caused by retirements and other departures.  The Public Transit Leadership Institute (PTLI) will prepare future executives to lead when their time arrives and establish a path for senior managers who aspire to become transit industry leaders. PTLI provides knowledge, training and mentoring to our leaders of tomorrow.  Click here for more information on this exciting new program.

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2014 NY Public Transit Fall Expo

We invite transit industry manufacturers, vendors and service providers to reserve your space at the 2014 New York Public Transit Fall Expo, September 16-18 at the Saratoga City Center in Saratoga Springs. It’s your chance to market your solutions to more than 150 public transportation leaders from across the State.  Expanded hours give you a greater opportunity to make important connections.  Call Mike Cocca at 518.434.9060 for your exhibitor prospectus, or email

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