July 16, 2013

Forty-nine years ago last week, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Urban Mass Transit Act, and created the body that later became known as the Federal Transit Administration.  In his remarks upon signing the act, Johnson said, “This is a many sided challenge. We cannot and we do not rely upon massive spending programs as cure-alls. We must instead look to closer cooperation among all levels of government and between both public and private sectors to achieve the prudent progress that Americans deserve and that they expect.” Read more.

US Homeland Security is funding a study begun this week that has placed 200 air sampling devices set up by personnel from Brookhaven National Laboratories in locations throughout the New York City subway system to help determine how contaminants might travel through the system. As part of the test, harmless gases were released and tracked over a 30 minute period early the morning of July 9. Additional tests are expected to take place later this month.  Read more.


The Town of North Hempstead on Long Island has revamped its senior transportation system through partnership with local business and is getting rave reviews from the seniors it serves. Project Independence Senior Taxi Program uses local taxi companies to provide non-emergency transportation during off-peak hours, lowering costs for the town and stimulating business for the company during a normally quiet time.  Read more.


Niagara Rural Transportation is celebrating 30 years of service to the public this month.  The system, originally created to transport people from rural communities in Lockport and Niagara Falls has become a key service for citizens throughout Niagara County, providing access to shopping, education, recreation and medical care.  Read more.

Both SUNY Broome Community College and SUNY Adirondack have recently opened housing for their students.  Now, both are partnering with their local public transportation authorities.

While SUNY Broome Community College has increased its student transportation fee by $40, in addition to maintaining campus parking lot security and infrastructure, the fee now provides year-round transportation on Broome Country Transit LinesRead more.

Greater Glens Falls Transit System and SUNY Adirondack have entered an agreement that will bring back evening service this fall and add four new shopper loops on Saturdays for the students, faculty and staff that will now be able to ride for free from the beginning of September until mid-May.  The new service is being provided on a one-year agreement. Read more.


Our NYPTA Facebook page post about personal rapid transit vehicles has sparked interest and had multiple shares.  Also, help us get the word out about our 2013 NY Public Transit Partners in Progress Fall Conference + Expo by visiting its Facebook event page and sharing it on your own timeline.  Help us get the word out by sharing New this week on our LinkedIn page is a post about a system that uses 


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