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A.C.C.E.S.S. Matters: Accessibility, Communication, Cooperation, Excellence, Sensitivity, and Service

This is a training course for transit operators on serving customers with disabilities. Designed for use as a one-hour facilitated or self-study course, it includes trainer materials, a training video, participant worksheet, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) materials.

The intended audience for this training course is public transportation fixed-route bus operators. This course can be used in several ways:
As part of orientation and training for new bus operators
As part of a refresher training for veteran operators
As a topic for a monthly safety and security meeting
As part of any one-hour or more event for which the topic is appropriate

Self-Study Training:
All supporting documents to the training course are located on the CD Rom. Bus operators may use these materials as a self-study course. The materials are designed to guide operators through the course with the video narrator providing instructions on when to pause the video to complete sections of the participant worksheet. The section of the ADA may require a bit of follow up with the operator's trainer or supervisor. The section on transit agency policy will require information on specific transit policies regarding situations that are out of an operator's control, such as issues concerning weather conditions, bus malfunctions, wheelchairs that are challenging to secure, unruly passengers, unruly service animals, and fare payment. The self-study course should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Group Training:
Trainers may lead a group of bus operators through this course. The trainer materials provide topic-specific information, trainer talking points, and trainer notes for the course. Group discussion suggestions are included in the trainer notes. Also included for the trainer to distribute is a participant workshop that operators will complete during the training. The group training, including discussion time, should take approximately one hour.

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Source: Easter Seals Project ACTION Series,
Details: This course meets the annual ADA requirement under the Federal Transit Administration

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