NYPTA 2019 Conference Theme

Tuesday, November 12

7:00am-12 noon Expo Setup & Bus Move-In

12:00-5:00 pm Exhibitor Move-In

12:00-6:00 pm Conference & Expo Check-In

1:00-5:00 pm PTLI Opening Intensive

2:00-4:00 pm Board of Directors Meeting

4:00-5:00 pm Corporate Committee Meeting

5:00-7:00 pm Early-Arrival Reception in Bus Display

Wednesday, November 13

6:30am-6:30 pm Registration Desk Open

7:30-8:30 am Legislative Committee Meeting

7:30-8:30 am Maintenance Directors’ Meeting

7:30-8:30 am Procurement Directors’ Meeting

7:30-8:30 am HR Network Meeting

7:30am-12:30 pm Transit Industry Expo

9:00-9:50 am Opening Session - Sam Schwartz, PE SAM SCHWARTZ 940x530

Mr. Schwartz is President, and CEO of Sam Schwartz Consulting, LLC, a firm that specializes in transportation planning and engineering. He also writes columns on traffic for The New York Daily News and the NY Downtown Express. Previously Mr. Schwartz was New York City’s Traffic Commissioner and was the Chief Engineer of the NYC Department of Transportation. He started his transportation career in the late 1960’s as a NYC cabbie and joined the Traffic Department, as a junior engineer, in 1971.

10:00-10:50 am Concurrent Sessions


Part I: Connecting Communities with the Capital City Trolley :: Allie Schreffler, Marketing Manager, CDTA

CDTA launched a new product, the Capital City Trolley, which is a free mode of transportation, bringing people to various restaurants/bars, venues and shopping in the City of Albany, and the growth it has brought to the region.

Part II: Strategies for Improving Bus Service :: Ilana Wagner, Associate Planner, Westchester County Department of Public Works & Transportation

This presentation will focus on how Westchester County has met the challenges of addressing immediate needs of its riders while balancing longer-term improvement strategies.


Part I: Want to Drive Operational Excellence in Your Bus Fleet? Trust the Data :: Scott Rizzitano, Product Specialist, Clever Devices

All vehicle health monitoring tools collect data. Unfortunately, not all public transportation providers get the most out of the data they collect. Too often, organizations merely use the information to spot existing faults - when it's already too late to take the bus out of service and disrupt passengers.

Part II: Evolution of Pedestrian Avoidance Solutions - Where We Are Now, Where We Go Next :: Tom Brodsky, VP Advanced Technology, Safe Fleet

Despite advances in preventative technology, pedestrian transit-related injury rates remain steady. More advanced technology that balances intelligence with driver assistance while reducing driver distraction and false positive alarms will address the gaps in current technology offerings and drive injury and fatality statistics down.


A Case Study: Providing Mobility as a Service in San Joaquin RTD :: Dan Barone, Director of Business Development, Ecolane

A description of a case study in San Joaquin RTD using innovative automation scheduling and dipatching software focusing on microtransit solutions.

11:00-11:50 am Transit Industry Expo

12:00-1:15 pm Transit Industry Luncheon

State and Federal Transit Policy Updates :: Marie Therese Dominguez Commissioner, NYSDOT; Steve Goodman, Region 2 Administrator, FTA; David Stackrow, Immediate Past Chair, APTA

Hear the latest news from the leaders at the forefront of our State and National  governments developing and overseeing transportation policy.

1:30-2:20 pm Concurrent Sessions


FTA Region 2 Round Table: Pre-Award Grant Activities :: FTA Staff
This session will be a discussion on all pre-award grant activities ranging from planning task to the execution of the grant. This session will discuss several topics including, but not limited to:

• Planning/Environmental
• Program of project meetings
• TIP/STIP Activities
• Grant Development
• Carryover funds
• Real Estate
• Civil Rights/Title VI/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements


Part I: Deploying Geo-Fenced Zero-Emissions Zones :: John Hroncich, Regional Sales Manager, BAE Systems and Greg Kilmer, Commissioner, Broome County Transit

BAE Systems and Broome County Transit have teamed up to deploy geo-fenced zero-emissions zones across Broome County. Starting early 2020 when their new Gillig/BAE Systems electric hybrids arrive, BC Transit will deploy three zero-emissions zones across Broome County.

Part II: Accelerating Markets for Zero-Emission Buses :: Benjamin Mandel, Northeast Regional Director, CALSTART; Rusty Korth, Vice President of Maintenance, RTS

The objective is to motivate transit agencies to step up efforts to procure zero-emission buses by characterizing the state of technology and delivering a call to action through a NY ZEB working group.


A Transit Dilemma: Community or the Individual? :: Teague Kirkpatrick, Director of Sales, Routematch

Should mobility management focus on equitable services for the entire community or personalized services for the individual? What if we could do both?

2:30-3:20 pm Concurrent Sessions


FTA Region 2 Round Table: Post-Award Grant Activities :: FTA Staff

This session will be a discussion on post-ward grant activities after a grant has been executed. This session will discuss several topics including, but not limited to:

• Milestone Progress Reports and Federal Financial Reports
• Budget Revisions and Amendments
• Dispositions
• Incidental Use


Electric Bus Manufacturers' Panel (Part I) :: Carmine Fiore, New Flyer; Paul Chilkotowsky, Nova Bus; Randy Premo, BYD; Stephen Cofta, Proterra; Jerry Sheehan, Gillig

This session will feature representatives from five electric bus manufacturers each discussing new technologies and answering questions at the end of the session. 


Transportation Demand Management in the Lower Hudson Valley :: Heather Reiners, Program Coordinator-SMART Commute, Westchester County DPW&T; Scott Ornstein, Assistant Director Intermodal Operations & Special Event Planning, Metro-North Railroad; Heliana Higbie, Regional Project Manager, 511NY Rideshare

This presentation will include discussions surrounding regional TDM programs in the Hudson Valley. Learn from outreach experts on how to motivate behavior change and promote sustainable transportation options. Leave motivated and ready to implement new TDM strategies.

3:30-4:20 pm Concurrent Sessions


Bringing Next-Generation Fare Collection to Riders in Rochester :: Zach Ascher, VP Business Development, Masabi and Christian Mahood, Director of Information Technology, RTS

This presentation will provide an overview and an update on the next generation full-fare collection solution being implemented for RTS by Masabi and will look at why RTS are implementing a mobile-centric and account-based solution for riders in Rochester.


Electric Bus Manufacturers' Panel (Part II) :: Barry Dykeman, New Flyer; Paul Chilkotowsky, Nova Bus; Randy Premo, BYD; Stephen Cofta, Proterra; Jerry Sheehan, Gillig

This session will feature representatives from five electric bus manufacturers each discussing new technologies and answering questions at the end of the session. 


NYS Mobility Management in 2022 :: Dwight Mengel, Chief Transportation Planner, Tompkins County

It's October 2023. With hindsight, mobility managers describe how 51 of 62 counts implemented county and regional mobility management services, greatly improvement accessibility of people in rural, small urban and large urban communities.

4:30-6:30 pm Transit Industry Expo & Reception

Thursday, November 14

6:30am-12:00 noon Registration Desk Open

7:30-9:20 am Transit Industry Breakfast

Ronald Kermani 1000x697manginiCalabrese.58ada46d29a35ron greenberg nh4nhbbkjweck2lmwrip93v9cd5w59rcn4j08u4hg2All Politics is Local: Harnessing Local Relationships to Build State Support :: Ron Greenberg, Senior Advisor, Brown & Weinraub, PLLC; Ron Kermani, Former Public Relations Director, HESC; Andrew Mangini, Partner, Gramercy Communications; and Joe Calabrese, Former General Manager, Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

09:30-10:20 am General Session

Diversity in Transit: Creating Inclusion Thru Connection :: Dr. Shelton Goode, President and CEO, Icarus Consulting, LLC

The transit industry is continuously changing. It’s critical that transit leaders at all levels to understand the needs and demands of their employees, customers, suppliers, and communities which are becoming increasingly diverse. Transit agencies play a vital role in impacting the sustaining growth within their communities and the country! Therefore, transit professionals must be able to manage diverse work teams and create inclusive work environments for their team members. But how? Dr. Shelton Goode, diversity executive and thought leader, best-selling author, and speaker, will address this question and many more, with a high-impact engaging discussion about how leaders can effectively address challenges transit organizations face in response to calls for greater diversity, inclusion, and equality. This presentation will focus on the current diversity and inclusion climate, and the responsibility leaders have inside and outside the halls of transit agencies.

10:30-11:20 am Concurrent Sessions


Standardizing Transit Statewide: Solutions for Seamless Connectivity :: Joe Calabrese, Former General Manager, Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

This session will open discussions on how New York's transit industry can begin to align fare systems so riders can travel across the state from system to system with ease.  


Triennial Reviews: What to Expect :: FTA Staff

The Triennial Review is one of FTA's management tools for examining recipient performance and adherence to current FTA requirements and policies and aids FTA in reporting to the Transportation Secretary, Congress, other oversight agencies, and the transit community. This session will be an overview of the Triennial Review process with time allotted for questions.


Best Practices for Rural Transit Customer Communications Using Technology and Non-Technology Approaches :: Susan Bregman, Principal, Oak Square Resources LLC

Rural Transit Agencies have a unique set of challenges when it comes to communicating with customers. This session will identify these challenges and provide best practices that transit agencies can implement to improve customer information.

11:30am-12:20 pm Concurrent Sessions


Intelligent Design is Accessible to All :: Ericka Jones, Systems Advocate, Center for Disability Rights

This session will educate conference attendees on the daily lives of disabled people. It will inform attendees about the barriers people with disabilities face while traveling.


Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Presentation and Tour

Join us for an exclusive look at the new Mario M. Cuomo bridge project. This will include a presentation from the New York State Thruway Authority and a bus ride tour over the bridge. 


Autonomous Vehicles: The Future of Intelligent Transportation :: Elizabeth Colvin, Senior Project Manager; Donald Gray, AIA, LEED AP; Susan Sherwood, PMP; David Duchscherer, PE, FASCE, Wendel

This session will describe the implementation and study of the first of its kind, self-driving Olli bus on the campus of the State University of New York at Buffalo, and how it could impact the future of urban transportation.