New Yorkers for Better Public Transit is a coalition of people from all corners of the state, representing a variety of interests, who want to see greater investment in New York’s public transit systems. This effort was organized by the New York Public Transit Association.

For many years, investment in other areas has outpaced New York’s investment in transit, making it increasingly difficult to meet growing demands from employers, workers, students, teachers, millennials, senior citizens, and those seeking pathways to prosperity. The goal is to educate lawmakers in Albany on the enormous benefits of public transit and that a significant, long-term commitment to increased transit funding can lead to sustainable success in our economy, classrooms, medical centers, places of business, and homes.

People, businesses and organizations are asked to join the coalition, sign a petition, and be a part of a movement to strengthen New York’s transportation infrastructure and communities for years to come. No dues, fees or donations are part of this grassroots effort. Members are asked to have a passion for public transportation and community mobility.

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How To Help

The more people we have working together, delivering the same message, and calling on our elected leaders to properly fund public transit, the better. That is why New Yorkers for Better Public Transit was formed and it is why we need your help!

This website was designed to make it easy for you to help us strengthen New York’s public transit systems. Here is a list of activities you can do to help:

  • Join the Coalition
  • Sign the petition
  • Send a letter to Governor Cuomo and your representatives in the State Legislature
  • Meet with your legislator or representative of Governor Cuomo at their office in Albany or in your local district
  • Invite your employees, members, and customers to sign the petition, send a letter to lawmakers, and write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Work with partner organizations to hold a press conference or send a press release to the media calling on elected leaders in Albany to increase funding for transit
  • Post to your social media channels urging your followers to sign the petition or share information from the transit fact sheet and position paper

Working together we can bring about the change that is needed to improve public transit in New York for many years to come!


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