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Leadership Institute participants begin the program with a full three days at the New York Public Transit Fall Conference. Participants are engaged in a leadership track designed just for them. The program includes a brief orientation and reception, along with the following sessions:

  • Leadership Transit Style:  A roundtable discussion on the roles and responsibilities of today's transit executives.
  • Transit and Finance: Fewer resources and higher expectations of service are a reality for today's transit leader. Balancing the needs of your community with limited resources takes planning, decision-making and consensus building.
  • Public Speaking and Media Relations:  Transit executives are regularly called upon to speak for their agencies: to their boards, lawmakers, stakeholders, and the public. There will be seminar on crafting and delivering your message, engaging your audience in a public setting, and effective use of the media, both when you initiate the contact, and when they do.
  • The Federal Transit Administration, Region II  provides grant support and guidance on environmental, planning and other critical elements for metropolitan planning organizations, public transit operators, and local and state governments in the states of New York and New Jersey. Meet the people at the highest levels of the organization, and understand their expectations of you.
  • Tour and System Performance Measurement:  Transit executives must continually monitor how their customers' changing needs are being met within their transit systems. Peak efficiencies are not self-sustaining. In this track, participants will tour a public transit system and learn the methods for measuring, assessing, interpreting and reacting to the performance level of a transit system.

Two webinars are scheduled for October that address employee relations. The first webinar will train on effective hiring practices. The second addresses how to engage and motivate employees to achieve peak performance.

Your agency and community will look to you during a time of crisis. Join this webinar to discuss the process and procedures for creating, amending and executing a crisis management plan.

January 31  2017
ADVOCACY (Onsite – Albany)
Transit industry leaders from around the state participate in "Transit Awareness Day" to secure funding and educate lawmakers about the importance of public transit to the economy and our communities. This two-day program will provide a hands-on look at how the transit industry interacts with the legislative process.

  • Day One: Tour the NYS Capitol and Legislative Office Building, attend an interactive session with NYPTA's policy analyst, lobbyists and Legislative Committee chairman on transit and politics, and enjoy dinner with Institute Deans to discuss the importance of advocacy on behalf of your transit agency.
  • Day Two: This day is advocacy in action, with a first-hand look at transitlegislator relationships and how to make the case for public transportation.

February 2017
"Hit the Ground Running With Your New Board" (Webinar)

Drawing on his 25 years of work with nonprofit and public CEOs and their boards and on his newest book, The Board-Savvy CEO, Doug Eadie provides CEO-aspirants with detailed, practical, thoroughly-tested guidance in building a rock-solid partnership with their new board. Participants in Doug’s webinar will master three roles that are critical to building a productive, lasting partnership with their board: 

  • Chief Board Capacity Builder:  taking the lead in helping the board update its governing role, its composition, and its committee structure, creating the governing architecture that is essential for board governing effectiveness.
  • Chief Governing Process Designer:  taking the lead in mapping out processes for meaningfully engaging board members in governing processes so they become satisfied owners of their governing decisions and judgments
  • Chief Governing Relationship Manager:  taking the lead in dealing with the human dimension of the board-CEO partnership by effectively communicating and interacting with board members

MARCH 2017
In addition to advocating for transit funding on the state and federal level, transit managers have the greater responsibility of managing the funds the agency receives. Transit agency budgets must be developed, adopted and then implemented with the input and involvement of a number of key players agency-wide. This March webinar will address how to develop and maintain a sound transit agency budget amid a far-reaching spectrum of community needs.

APRIL 2017
Engaging your board, managers, and other key staff in seeting a sound strategic direction for your transit agency is essential to meeting both short and long-term goals.

Participants travel to Albany for a one-day program on two important topics: board and labor relations. The first half of the program will address labor relations and contract negotiations. After a brief lunch, participants will then engage in an interactive session on building strong board relationships, running effective board meetings and navigating controversial board issues.

MAY 2017
This webinar will address valuing the customer and the importance of public outreach in achieving optimal customer service.

The leadership program's cornerstone events are a tour of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the PTLI Shadowing Day where participants can shadow a mentor and see exactly what being a Transit Executive entails. 

PUBLIC SPEAKING, MEDIA RELATIONS AND GRADUATION (Fall Conference) Transit executives are regularly called upon to speak for their agencies: to their boards, lawmakers, stakeholders, and the public. The final track of the Leadership Institute will be a seminar on crafting and delivering your message, engaging your audience in a public setting, and effective use of the media, both when you initiate the contact, and when they do.
The program concludes with graduation, at which graduates will be recognized for their commitment to the transit industry.

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