Hosted by Ulster County Public Transit

October 28, 2017 | Kingston, NY

Plans are underway for the 2017 Bus Roadeo. The site for the event is Tech City, Enterprise Drive, Kingston, NY. The hotel for the event is the Best Western Plus, 503 Washington Ave, Kingston, NY 12401.

The Bus Roadeo is a great opportunity to provide some well-deserved bus operator recognition while promoting safety and professionalism. Transit Systems throughout New York State send the best bus operators to compete in this event. They are considered the “Best of the Best.” The competing bus operators drive a bus through a test course marked with traffic cones that simulate various situations encountered on the road. Competing bus operators are expected to meet Bus Roadeo qualifications by maintaining good attendance and a safe driving record.

The New York Public Transit Association welcomes your transit system to participate in the Bus Roadeo. If your transit system has not yet participated in a Bus Roadeo and you're interested in learning more about the event, please don’t hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 845.340.3335.

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  • Connecting directors throughout the state for training, shared information and support for one another
  • Maintenance directors and vendor collaboration


  • Rusty Korth (RTS) – Co-Chair
  • Dave Rugg (NFTA) – Co-Chair
  • Robin Granger (NYPTA) – Co-Chair 
  • Wayne Ayers (Coach USA)
  • Ray Belliveau (Dutchess County)
  • Mike Bessette (CENTRO)
  • John Boylan (CENTRO)
  • Jay Corey (RTS)
  • John Dembik (NFTA)
  • Charles Dewey (NFTA)
  • Jeffrey Fay (RTS)
  • Eric Jacobsen (CENTRO)
  • Jeff Keller (CENTRO)
  • Travis LoCicero (Rockland County)
  • Stephen Martini (MTA)
  • Scott O'Brien (City of Long Beach)
  • Tom Sebald (Adirondack Trailways)
  • Matt Shaw (RTS)
  • Howard Scholl (NFTA)Larry Stackhouse (CENTRO)
  • Scott Sopczyk (GGFT)
  • Al Stoppy (Ulster County)
  • Lance Zarcone (CDTA)

2016-2017 Goals

  • Grow network
  • Have monthy meetings
  • Have rotating topics
  • Plan a physical event for Maintenance Directors

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