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Thank you to all of our wonderful presenters who helped make this such an informative conference:

Astrid C. Glynn, Commissioner, NYS Department of Transportation - Skyrocketing Gas prices increase need for Public Transit

What You Need to Know for an ADA Compliance Review
David Rishel, Principal, Delta Services Group, Inc.

Smart Growth is Smart Business
Paul Beyer, Director, Smart Growth Planning, NYS Department of State
Michael Skrebutenas, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Economic Development, NYS

General Managers Data Summit
Ron Epstein, Director, Public Transportation Bureau, NYSDOT- General Managers Data Summit
Tom Vaughan, Transit Analysis and Assistance Section Head, NYSDOT- From Data as Mandate to Data as Intelligence
Jack Reilly, Ph.D., Consultant - Using Electronic Data Systems for Decision Making
Facilitator: Eva Lerner-Lam, M.ASCE, F.ITE, President, Palisades Consulting Group, Inc. Moderator: Mimi Hwang, Director of Technical Programs, Palisades Consulting Group, Inc.- NY Public Transit Operators: Strength in Numbers

NYSDOT Evolving Issues Workshop
511 Traveler Information System
Funding Our Future - State's Plans for Reauthorization of SAFETEA-LU
MPO Transit Oriented Development Study Progress Report

Corporate Technical Sessions
Kurt Dossin, Regional Sales Manager, RouteMatch Software
Jerry Sheehan, Regional Sales Manager, Gillig Corporation - 2010 Emissions & Other Developments
Floyd Diaz, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, BAE Systems & Paul Chilkotowksy, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Daimler Buses North America - Lithium Ion Battery Technology

Succession Planning-What Works
Rick Lee, Vice President Human Resources, CNYRTA
Myrna Ramon, Chief of Staff, Metropolitan Transportation Authority
John Poorman, Staff Director, Capital District Transportation Committee

Ridership Symposium: Shared Best Practices-What's Happening in Your Back Yard?
John Giorgia, National Transit Database Performance Manager, FTA Region II
Ray Melleady, Executive Director, CDTA
Walt Zmuda, Director of Surface Transportation
Facilitator: Anthony Carr, Deputy Regional Administrator, FTA Region II


NYPTA hosts Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at transit industry conference in Albany.
Industry urges: Invest in Transit—Keep New York Moving

The New York State Public Transit Industry Fall Conference featured Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on November 14th, at the Holiday Inn in Albany. In a room of more than 200 guests, Sen. Clinton addressed leaders and members of the New York Public Transit Association and the Amalgamated Transit Union, as well representatives of the New York State Department of Transportation, New York State elected officials, and manufacturers and suppliers to the state's transit industry. Sen. Clinton's address highlighted the final day of the three-day conference themed Transit Vision 2050: Creating the Competitive Advantage.

In introducing the Senator, New York Public Transit Association President and Capital District Transportation Authority Executive Director Raymond J. Melleady called the Senator a long-time champion of public transit and its labor force in New York State. "Senator Clinton, you have been our consistent voice in Washington, from leading the effort with the Saving Energy Through Public Transit Act of 2008 to your request of President Bush earlier this week to speed investments in infrastructure, including $410 million in roads, bridges and transit systems as well as 'green collar jobs'."

In Sen. Clinton's request to President Bush, she wrote, "A federal investment in our infrastructure serves the dual purpose of modernizing our country's deteriorating roads, bridges and transit systems while stimulating the economy. Investing in these projects will create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs. More than 40 highway, transit and rail projects are shovel-ready in New York alone."

"Senator Clinton, as a long-time supporter of public transit, you have again demonstrated your strong commitment to public transportation and its workforce by urging Washington to provide the resources desperately needed to maintain transit service and affordable fares throughout New York State," Melleady said. "We are honored to have such an advocate in our corner who recognizes, as we do, that investing in transit will keep New York moving."

Transit and labor leaders met with Sen. Clinton prior to her address to share with her details about the public transit systems from Buffalo to New York City and the challenges they face individually and collectively in serving their communities as resources dwindle.

The Senator's address capped off three days of the annual New York State Public Transit Industry conference and the commemoration of NYPTA's 25th anniversary. For the past quarter century, this not-for-profit association has been devoted to advancing and supporting public transit providers and transportation development in New York State.

For a copy of Senator Clinton's speech, please click here.


Over 300 Transit Professionals Attend Transit Vision 2050 Fall Conference in Albany

Leaders and members of the New York Public Transit Association (NYPTA) from around the state, the NYS Department of Transportation and the Federal Transportation Administration co-hosted the industry's Annual fall conference in Albany, Transit Vision 2050: Creating the Competitive Advantage.

NYSDOT Commissioner Astrid C. Glynn welcomed transportation industry professionals to Albany and to the industry's fall conference in her opening remarks.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) President and CEO Elliot (Lee) Sander addressed conferees about the work he and other leaders of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) have done in developing APTA's TransitVision 2050. He presented the organization's vision of America's energy-efficient, multi-modal, environmentally sustainable transportation system that will be the envy of the world. The three-day conference examined strategies to achieve this vision for New York State.

Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli served as the conference keynote speaker. A strong supporter of public transit during his tenure as a New York State Assemblyman, we were privileged to welcome him to this event. The Comptroller presented on the state of State's economy, and answered questions from conference participants.

Transit Industry Celebrates 25 Years and Inducts Two Industry Leaders into the Hall of Fame

NYPTA's Transit Vision 2050 Conference also featured the 25th anniversary celebration of the New York Public Transit Association, Inc. For the past quarter century, this not-for-profit association has been devoted to advancing and supporting public transit providers and transportation development in New York State. On this occasion, NYPTA also celebrated the induction of two more transit professionals into its Transit Hall of Fame: Edward P. Gallagher and John Insetta. 


Scroll down to view presentations from our Spring Conference speakers.

spring 09 conf


Mariia Zimmerman
Vice President for Policy
Reconnecting America

Reconnecting America: Integrating Transportation Systems and the Communities They Serve

Originally presented on:
Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 10:00-11:00am

Reconnecting America is a national non-profit organization working to integrate transportation systems and the communities they serve, with the goal of generating lasting public and private returns, improving economic and environmental efficiency, and giving consumers more housing and mobility choices. Reconnecting America provides both the public and private sectors with a fact-based perspective on development-oriented transit and transit-oriented development, and seeks to reinvent the planning and delivery system for building regions and communities around transit and walking rather than solely around the automobile.


Chrisophia Somerfeldt
Way2Go Transportation Community Educator
Cooperative Extension,
Tompkins County

How Smarter Car Drivers Can Lead to Fuller Buses~ or ~ Changing Transportation Habits Through Community-Based Social Marketing

Originally presented on:
Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 11:30am-12:30pm

Transportation alternatives to the 'single occupancy vehicle' make eminent sense ~ but how do we help ordinary people change ingrained transportation habits? A veteran community educator offers some answers, some questions, and an overview of 'Way2Go,' a new "one-stop shopping" community education program designed to promote transportation sustainability and equity.

Consider the role of all-mode transportation education. Explore the vital connection between public transportation, walking, bicycling, ridesharing, carsharing and more. Learn about Community-Based Social Marketing, and how it goes beyond traditional marketing in changing transportation behavoir. Lastly ~ can teaching people with cars how to save on gas, (for example,) really lead to more bus riders? We think so. See Why.


Richard Quodomine
Systems Specialist
NYS Department of Transportation

Coordinated Human Service and Public Transportation Planning 2.0

Originally presented on:
Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 2:00-2:45pm


Betty Petrie
Project Manager
Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (CNYRTA)

Coordinated Transportation 2.0:
Local Perspective

Originally presented on:
Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 2:45-3:30pm

Many communities have completed the first round of Coordinated Transportation Plans. The plans are required to be in place for funding relating to JARC, New Freedom and 5310 projects. The presentation will provide an overview of what the State expects in the second generation of coordinated transportation plans. A major theme of the presentation is: adapt rather than adopt. Best practices will be discussed in detail including:

Focus on origins, destinations and paths of travel.
Focus on quality and objectively rating the projects.
Including stakeholders and keeping them involved.
Sharing knowledge and encouraging new ideas.


Larry Lennon
Parsons Brinkerhoff

Transit Supportive Development Case Study and CDTA's North-South Corridors Action Plan

Originally presented on:
Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 2:00-3:30pm

The NYS Metropolitan Planning Organization Association has conducted a state-wide project on Transit
Supportive Development. This overall effort, including the results of an extensive literature review and
three other case studies will provide basic information on the "state-of-the-practice" and "lessons learned" of TSD in NYS. CDTA will highlight the results of its case which focused on bus transit, BRT
and the incorporation of a transit center into the proposed Convention Center in Downtown Albany and to examine State Street in the downtown area as a BRT corridor. Key findings and lessons will be
shared. The session will wrap up with a presentation of a recently completed North-South Corridor Study which provided multimodal transit recommendations supportive of regional "concentrated growth" scenarios developed by the MPO.


Lawrence J. Murphy, P.E.
CDM, Inc.


Rebecca Jablon, AICP
CDM, Inc.

Asheville's Going Green Transportation Strategy

Originally presented on:
Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 4:00-5:00pm

The City of Asheville, North Carolina took on a challenging goal to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from City operations and services by 2% per year from 2007 levels until an 80% reduction is achieved. To achieve its goal, the City developed an Asheville Sustainability Management Plan (SMP). In 2008, the City's fleet and employee commute were responsible for nearly a third of the City's greenhouse gases. One key component to improving the sustainability in the City's transportation sector is to go green. Asheville's green transportation strategy is a comprehensive plan that focuses on reducing vehicle miles traveled and fuel consumption as well as encouraging an increase in public transportation use. The sustainable vision of Asheville and its goal to reduce greenhouse gases will conserve energy and improve the environment. Techniques employed and planned are transferrable to any municipality.


David Levesque
President and CEO, WordofMobile

Creating a Social Media Relationship with Our Public Transit Customers

Originally presented on:
Friday, June 12, 2009 at 9:00-10:00am

Web 2.0 has changed the world of communications forever. Wikis, blogs, YouTube, webcasts, podcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – these are the tools of today's public transit rider. How does the transit industry effectively use these tools to engage its customers, create an on-going pro-transit dialogue and ultimately meet the needs of today's transit rider?


Ron Epstein
Chief Financial Officer,
NYS Department of Transportation

Surface Transportation - Finance Context & Issues

Originally presented on:
Friday, June 12, 2009 at 10:30-10:45am


Rick Swist
Policy Analyst,
New York Public Transit Association

Multi-Year Transportation Plan Preliminary Positions June 2009

Originally presented on:
Friday, June 12, 2009 at 10:00-10:30am

2009 fall conference bannergif

Enjoy these presentations from the 2009 Public Transit Industry Fall Conference & Expo.

Fall Conference 2009 Albany Legislative Update
Weingarten, Reid and McNally, LLC


Challenges and Opportunities: A National Perspective on the Public Transit Industry Today

Global issues are impacting local decisions like never before. The Country's nationally recognized leaders in public transportation held a candid discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the public transit industry today. This national perspective set the stage for timely discussions throughout the conference about how to forge strong local, state and national partnerships to better serve our communities.

Welcome to Albany: Carm Basile, Executive Director, CDTA
Dale Marsico, Executive Director, Community Transportation Association of America
Robert Padgette, Director of Policy Development and Research, American Public Transportation Association
Ron Epstein, Chief Financial Officer, NYSDOT; Vice Chair, AASHTO Standing Committee on Public Transportation
Moderator: Chuck MacNeil, Deputy Executive Director, CDTA


NYSERDA Partnerships: Opportunities for Funding New Programs and Technologies, and LEED Certification: What it Means to the Transit Industry
NYSERDA senior staff presentation on alternative fuels, transportation efficiency and transportation efficient technologies.

Patrick Bolton, Senior Project Manager, NYSERDA-AFV Programs
Joe Tario, Senior Project Manager, NYSERDA
Frank Ralbovsky, Sr. Project Manager, Transportation R&D Programs, NYSERDA
Moderator: Rick Swist, Director of Policy & Strategy, NYPTA


Reinventing Transit: American Communities Finding Smarter, Cleaner, Faster Transportation Solutions

Mary Barber, Campaign Director, Environmental Defense Fund

Transit and the Environment: Making the Connection for Your Riders and Greater Community
Public transit has a positive impact on the environment and is as socially responsible as recycling and energy conservation in your home. These presentations focus on making your ridership aware of the importance of public transit to the environment and their communities.

Mary Barber, Campaign Director, Environmental Defense Fund
Projjal Dutta, Director of Sustainability Initiatives, Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Larry Lennon, Northeast Planning Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Moderator: Jim Dubbs, Assistant Director, Research & Legislation, MTA


Taking the Subway to Copenhagen - How Transit is Essential to Global GHG Reduction

Projjal Dutta, Director of Sustainability Initiatives, Metropolitan Transportation Authority


Strategies For Fuel Price Management

Joe Mirabito, President, Mirabito Fuel Group
Jeff LeMunyon, Principal, Linwood Capital, LLC
Moderator: Chuck MacNeil, Deputy Executive Director, CDTA

This presentation covers the importance of energy management strategies in today's market; how to accomplish and stabilize pricing and purchasing of fuels; and how infrastructure plays a role in today's markets. It also serves as an overview of fuel price risk management: what it is, how it works, how it is applied, and the results of its application. Jeff LeMunyon will address fuel price risk management policy, strategy, philosophy, tools and how value is added by applying a systematic approach to fuel price risk management in a public transit setting


FTA Region II Training Session - PART I
Extra! Extra!: New Circulars and Guidance
Anthony Carr, Deputy Regional Administrator, FTA


An Overview of the Changes to Circular 5010.1D Grants Management Requirements
Donovan Vincent, General Engineer, FTA


Transportation Industry Roundtable
Industry professionals came together to discuss five aspects of multi-year capital transportation planning and their advocacy efforts to meet their transportation model's and priorities. The panel worked to identify common areas for collaboration and statewide advocacy in support of New York State's transportation infrastructure.
Terry Rice, Legislative Committee Chairperson, NYS County Highway Superintendents Association Inc. (Monroe County Superintendent)
Joseph T. Amico, Legislative Committee Chairperson, NYS Association of Town Superintendents of Highways (Highway Superintendent, Town of Gates, Monroe Co.)
Joel Russell, President, New York Aviation Management Association (Airport Manager, Albany International Airport)
Hilary Ring, Legislative Committee Co-Chair, New York Public Transit Association (Director of Government Affairs, Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
Facilitators: Ray Melleady, Vice President, Neopart, LLC; Rick Swist, Director of Policy & Strategy, NYPTA


Using Technology to Enhance Sustainability

Findings have shown that those who use public transportation instead of their automobile reduce their daily carbon emissions and makes significant contributions to environmental health. This presentation will address improving operational efficiencies to provide increased mobility and reduce environmental consequences; and discuss stakeholder safety and ridership satisfaction which has been recognized by transit agencies as having a significant impact on attractiveness of transit to many current and prospective riders.

Steve Halberstadt, Director of Technology, Digital Recorders Inc.
John Walsh, Chief Research & Strategy Officer, Clever Devices
Moderator: Gordon Nevison, The Nevison Group, Inc.


FTA Region II Training Session – PART II

0 in 3: How to Avoid the Most Common Triennial Review Findings
Larry Penner, Director, Office of Operations and Program Management, FTA


The Honorable Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Addresses New York Public Transit Industry Conference Friday, November 20, 2009


Social Mobility for Seniors
Erin Mitchell, Associate State Director, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
Designing Homes, Communities and Transit for an Aging Population: AARP highlighted recent successes in New York communities that help people age in place. Aging in place is the ability to stay in your home and community as long as possible and avoid costly institutions. The three main design features are Complete Streets, Universal Design and Transit Efficient Development. Town, county, state and federal government all have a role to play in helping to shape the future landscape of New York; whether it is our roadways, transit, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, homes with no step entries, and wider doorways. Come hear about how AARP is partnering all over New York and the country to make sure these transformations occur.


Social Mobility for Seniors
Greg Olsen, Division of Policy, Research and Legislative Affairs, State Office for the Aging
This presentation focused on broad transportation challenges of older adults, transportation provided through NYSOFA and area agencies on aging and what NY Connects has been doing to address the issue locally where transportation gaps exist.



2009 fall conference bannergif


Special thanks to all of our attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors for your participation in our Fall Conference & Expo: Forging Strong Transit Partnerships. Your contributions to the Conference & Expo made this year's event one of our most successful in recent history.

During our Friday morning breakfast, we were honored to have Acting Commissioner Stanley Gee speak on the importance of the public transit industry and the challenges it faces. Honorable Senator Kirsten Gillibrand presented a timely video message. 

Visit our Facebook page to tag and comment on photos from the Conference & Expo!

Thank you again for making our 2009 Fall Conference & Expo a great success!


spring final program web 1

Spring Conference Media coverage

Jay Walder - Fox 5 New York

Hugh Johnson - Times Herald-Record

Conference Presentation Materials

Click the session names below to download presentation handouts!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010


icon Westchester County Central Avenue Bus Rapid Transit Project

Naomi Klein, Principal Planner, Westchester County DOT
icon Building Rock-Solid Board-CEO Partnerships in Challenging Times

Carm Basile, Executive Director, Capital District Transportation Authority
Doug Eadie, President & CEO, Doug Eadie & Company, Governance Counsel to CDTA
David Stackrow, Board Chairman, CDTA, Scott, Stackrow and Co., CPAs, P.C.

icon Crucial Conversations: Keeping Your Communication on Track

Dale Klein, Founder and Owner, Profitable Speech

icon Attracting, Recruiting and Retaining Talent During Tough Times

Lori Miller, Developing Professionals
icon Paratransit Coordination

Peter Hallsworth, Trapeze Group
Conference Program

icon Click Here to download a pdf, or Click Here to view an interactive version in your browser.


A Global Perspective on Public Transit's Current State of Affairs
Stephen D. Van Beek, Ph.D., President & CEO, Eno Transportation Foundation

As President and CEO of the Eno Transportation Foundation, a non-profit foundation with the mission of improving transportation policy and the industry's public and private leadership, Dr. Van Beek holds a unique view point on the current state of public transit and the transportation system. Before joining Eno, he was Chair of the Federal Practices Group and Director for Jacobs Consultancy, an aviation management consulting firm and served as the U.S. Department of Transportation's Associate Deputy Secretary and Director of its Office of Intermodalism. A former university professor, Dr. Van Beek continues to teach and lecture on transportation policy.


Moving 20 Million People – Best Practices in Transit from Shanghai, China
Sarah Viola, Manager of Training and Staff Development, CDTA

The world has been watching China's economic growth and Shanghai is at the center of it all. With over 20 million in population, the Shanghai Bus Company is the largest in the world with over 1100 routes and the Shanghai Metro, that just opened its first line in 1995, will be the largest system in the world by 2012 with 20 lines and 345 stations. Shanghai has embraced new pathways to success in transporting the overwhelming population by staying on the cutting edge of technology and services. This efficiently planned transportation system has strengthened the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of Shanghai.

Innovative Concepts in Inventory Management

Ray Melleady, Vice President, Neopart LLC (moderator)
Jeff Hansen, Major Accounts Director, Uni-Select
Terry Ryan, Manager of Integrated Supply, Genuine Parts Company

In this session, the panel will discussed: how to determine the real cost of inventory and inventory management; the transit supply chain - from manufacturer to transit stock room; the history of transit inventory management; strategic sourcing options for solving various challenges; and, ways to reduce overall costs of inventory management.


Revitalizing Fatigued Employees
Dr. Dionne Kress, Leadership Coach, D.M. Kress, LLC

Difficult economic times have added to stress and anxiety in the workplace. Longer hours, reduced staff, and having to do more with less has contributed to employees' feelings of fatigue and burnout. How do you revitalize your level of motivation as well as that of your employees? This workshop will help individuals recognize the signs and symptoms of job burnout. They will learn how to deal with current issues and how to create a burnout prevention plan.

Participants learned: what is meant by job burnout; signs, symptoms, and causes; the difference between stress and burnout; coping strategies for you and your employees; and, how to motivate yourself and your employees.


Good Tidbits for Grant Applications
Maureen Dowd, FTA Region II
Faye Ellison, Grants Control Assistant, FTA Region II
Darin Allan, Community Planner, FTA Region II

The first of a two-part educational session, wherein knowledgeable FTA staff updated attendees about the latest funding developments and provide helpful training that can be put to immediate use back in the field.


Disposition of Federally Funded Assets
Donovan Vincent, General Engineer, FTA Region II
Hans PointduJour, General Engineer, FTA Region I


Post Award / Proper Grant Management
Veronica Pelt-Hawkins, Transportation Program Specialist, FTA Region II


ARRA Grant Closeout Process
Rosie Luperena, Program Manager, FTA Region II

The second of a two-part educational session, wherein knowledgeable FTA staff updated attendees about the latest funding developments and provide helpful training that can be put to immediate use back in the field.


Best Practices in Sustainability With CDTA
Bruce Essig, National Sales Manager, Enersys


Best Practices in Sustainability with CDTA
Mr. David Buicko, COO, Galesi Group and Director, Green Planet Products
Mr. S. Lee Bowden, President, Green Planet Products

These presentations provided brief summaries on Green Planet and EnerSys products that address sustainability in transportation. The focus of the presentation was on CDTA implementing G-Oil, the world's first bio-synthetic motor oil, into its support vehicles. By adopting this renewable and clean energy product, CDTA has been able to advance in its effort to green the organizations transportation system. In addition, many bus fleets are switching to Odyssey batteries, which last up to 4 years compared to 1.5 years previously.


Best Practice: Otsego County – Cost Sharing with Partner Providers
Karen Sullivan, Senior Planner, Otsego County Planning Dept.
Elizabeth Fury, Planner Trainee, Otsego County Planning Dept.
Claire Hawthorne, Planner Intern, Otsego County Planning Dept.

This public system utilizes cost sharing across many fronts; including NE MT/public coordination; incorporation of existing ARC routes to expand public system; cooperative cost sharing with ARC, city and county for bus shelter; and by incorporating private sector needs into public system through underwriting agreements.


Innovative Design Solutions for Urban Intermodal Centers
Donald Gray, AIA, LEED AP, Wendel Duchscherer
Stephanie L. Goris, LEED AP, Wendel Duchscherer
Susan K. Sherwood, CP, Project Manager, Wendel Duchscherer

With efficient land use a high priority, especially in the urban core, designing functional and efficient intermodal centers can be extremely challenging, due to the significant area required for vehicle maneuvering and safe separation of modes. In addition, prime locations for intermodal centers from an operational perspective may involve trying to utilize existing sites with significant grade changes. This session illustrated how clients and transit design professionals can creatively work together to provide public transportation projects that anchor the urban core, benefit the traveling public, and promote the ultimate in sustainable design concepts and principles.


Implementing Contactless Fare Collection Systems
Danielle Pinkus, Instructional Designer, National Transit Institute (NTI)

This course is designed to help transit professionals recognize and plan for the complexities associated with implementing a new fare collection system for an individual agency or on a regional basis. Topics include: the relationship among fare policy, structure, and technology; components of a contactless fare collection system and applicable standards; fare processing and contactless models; fare payment technology implications and considerations; managing a contactless fare collection project using Systems Engineering; keys to successful project implementation; and industry experiences with implementing contactless fare collection systems.


November 2010 Albany Update
Weingarten, Reid & McNally, NYPTA Legislative Counsel

This presentation informed attendees of what to expect from a new administration and what to plan for as they work to enhance their own public transit systems in the face of an uncertain fiscal future.


10fall conf header

Members of the New York Public Transit Association, Inc. (NYPTA) met in Albany, NY, November 17-19 for the Fall Conference: New Pathways to Success at The Desmond Hotel & Conference Center. Conference sessions focused on best practices and the latest products and services in Public Transit found in New York State and across the globe, and how operating systems are working to do more with less.

Speaking of this year's conference theme, Executive Director of CNYRTA and NYPTA Past President Frank Kobliski said: "As the nation begins the long journey towards economic recovery, the public transit industry in New York State must work hard to discover new pathways to success. Over the past year we've seen rider fees continue to increase as services continue to be cut, and operating systems, large and small, becoming increasingly restricted in their ability to provide cost-effective, dependable and viable public transportation relied upon by millions of New Yorkers."

NYPTA's Fall Conference program included timely educational sessions focused on best practices and the latest industry innovations found in the state, across the nation and around the globe. Stephen D. Van Beek, President and CEO of the Eno Transportation Foundation, addressed conference attendees during the opening session on November 17. Later that day, Matt Ryan and Casey Seiler, hosts of WMHT's public affairs program, "New York NOW", lead a Politics & Policy Luncheon, providing an overview of this year in Albany politics and a preview of what's to come. The program also offered many other education opportunities.

Thank You Fall Conference & Trade Show Sponsors!

Program Sponsor
FTA Region II

Nova Bus

Atlantic/Penn DDA
Daimler Buses North America


Gillig LLC
Voith Turbo

Wendel Duchscherer Architects and Engineers
North American Bus Industries (NABI)
Rose & Kiernan
Clever Devices
Cummins Northeast, Inc.
GFI Genfare
The Braun Corporation
Avail Technologies
BAE Systems

Additional Supporters
USSC Group
The Nevison Group, Inc.

Key Partners
Nova Bus

The goal of enhancing service while reducing costs, or "Collaborative, Collective Cost-Cutting" was the central theme at the annual spring conference of the New York State public transit industry, held June 1st-3rd at the Hyatt Regency in Buffalo. The three-day meeting was a gathering of public transportation service providers, private sector manufacturers, state agency officials, and consultants from throughout New York. Please enjoy photos and presentations from the Spring program below.



phoca thumb l img 7990

Click the titles below to view presentations from the Conference.

SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization Context & Issues
Presented by Ron Epstein, Chief Financial Officer, NYSDOT

Lessons Learned in Transit Efficiencies, Revenue Generation, and Cost Reductions
Presented by Joel Volinski, Director, National Center for Transit Research, University of South Florida

Maintaining and Improving Rural Transit Supply in an Era of Cost-Cutting
Presented by Matthew W. Daus, Esq., Distinguished Lecturer, City College, University of New York, University Transportation Research Center, Region II
and James Cooper, PhD, Head of the Taxi Studies Group, Edinburgh Napier University

NFTA Metro Route Restructuring
Presented by James Morrell, Manager, Service Planning, NFTA
and Hal Morse, Executive Director, Greater Buffalo-Niagara Region Transportation Council

Bus Customer Information Systems: MTA's BusTime Pilot Program
Presented by Sunil Nair, Senior Director, Bus Customer Information Systems, MTA

Cost Cutting through Information Systems: Using Google Transit as a Model
Presented by Eric Ziering, Director of Software, Cambridge Systematics, Inc.


Thank You Spring Conference Sponsors!

Exclusive Reception Platinum Sponsor


Ecology and Environment











creighton manning logo word



NYPTA Key Partners
Nova Bus

New York Public Transit Industry Convenes on "Doing Business Differently"

Association Honors Newest Inductees into Hall of Fame

Public transit professionals met November 9-11 in Saratoga Springs for an industry conference on Doing Business Differently: A Summit on the Future of the New York Public Transit Industry. Educational sessions focused on leadership, technology, and maintenance & operations-related topics, and included specially-focused sessions for Rural Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) recipients and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) – Region II training.

Speaking of this year's conference theme, NYPTA President and Chief Executive Officer of the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA), Carm Basile said: "Each year, the State's public transit professionals come together to share best practices and new ideas, develop and maintain partnerships, and network with colleagues and industry leaders. This year's program focused on how New York State's public transit community is responding to changes in the industry. The conference specifically addressed the innovative ways public transit is doing business to enhance services and meet the needs of our communities."

A highlight of the conference was the New York Public Transit Industry 2011 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, held Wednesday, November 9th. Conference participants were joined by several of the Association's past presidents and past inductees, as well as close colleagues, family and friends, to pay tribute to four exceptional figures:

img 9611

Christopher Boylan, Former Deputy Executive Director / Corporate & Community Affairs, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

img 9606

Peter Cassels, Former General Superintendent of Surface Transit, Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MABSTOA) (Formal induction posthumously. Early induction took place in 2010. Award accepted by Peter's son Mike Cassels.)

William Millar, Former President, American Public Transportation Association (APTA) (Early induction took place at the NY Public Transit Industry Spring Conference in June 2011)

img 9626

Frances Pavia, Former Office Manager, Utica Transit Authority / Centro of Oneida, Inc.
In recognizing this year's inductees, President Carm Basile said: "I am honored to have had the opportunity to recognize the outstanding dedication and years of hard work of our new inductees. It is because of the leadership of individuals like Chris, Peter, Bill and Fran that the public transit industry in New York State, and throughout the country, continues to make strides by educating the public, bolstering our advocacy efforts, and finding creative ways to better meet the needs of our communities.

Educational Sessions: Something for Everyone

NYPTA's 2011 Fall Conference program consisted of sessions tailored for every transit professional. National RTAP Executive Director Patricia Monahan provided insight on how RTAP recipients img 9681can use the National organization to support their success, while Dan Dalton, Senior Transportation Planner at KFH Group, offered an RTAP training session on mobility management.

The Association was honored to welcome Dr. Barbara Gannon, Executive Vice President and Executive Director of the Eno Transportation Foundation's Center for Transportation Leadership, who shared her expertise on Leading through Change and facilitated a Future Leaders Strategy Session.

FTA-Region II Acting Deputy Administrator Anthony Carr and his staff again partnered with NYPTA to provide timely training sessions to the State's transit professionals, with presentations on FTA grant development, the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), a US DOT Civil Rights update, and preparing for Fiscal Year 2012 Triennial reviews.

Keynote presentations included a panel discussion by the Association's past presidents on the future of public transit from a range of industry perspectives, an enlightening presentation by Ron Epstein, NYSDOT Chief Financial Officer, a comical and inspiring presentation by best-selling author Steve Gilliland, and a highly-anticipated presentation by Christopher Boylan on Ten Years after 9/11: What Transit Professionals Need to Know about Disaster Preparedness Ten Years Later. NYSDOT Public Transportation Bureau leaders also provided an informative panel presentation on funding, policy, compliance and safety.




NYPTA is pleased to once again bring the transit community together on Tuesday, March 10 in support of a unified message on the importance of a strong state investment in public transportation. Join transit managers, New York State business representatives, riders, transit labor representatives, members of the environmental community and other transit advocates.

The day will begin with a breakfast and panel discussion at the Albany Renaissance Hotel, followed by meetings with legislators. REGISTER TODAY to help spread the word that investing in transit benefits New York State, creates and sustains jobs and supports our economy!

NY4BT logo

New Yorkers for Better Public Transit is a coalition of people from all corners of the state, representing a variety of interests, who want to see greater investment in New York’s public transit systems.

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NYPTA and its members actively support the advancement of public transportation through advocacy for investment in public transportation and promotion of legislation and policies that foster growth in accessibility.

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& Training

The Transit Training Institute is the first state-wide, not-for-profit, public transit training program in New York. Our program contains timely webinars, regional training opportunities, and a digital library of training materials, designed for transit managers, maintenance personnel, drivers, HR managers, IT staff, and other transit professionals.

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Tuesday Transit News is a weekly eNewsletter of information from New York transit systems. Delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning, Tuesday Transit News is a must-read for anyone with a passion for New York State's transportation infrastructure.

Public transit lessens
our dependence on
foreign oil and saves
1.3 Billion
gallons of gas in
NYS annually

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